Media: Short Essay on Media

The word Media comes from the word Medium. In this context, it was supposed to mean – ‘Media of Communication’. But the word Media has stuck around and conveys the general meaning. The Media serves various functions today like Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication, News Communication, Entertainment, etc.

The word Media today includes various options like Television Channels, Satellite Television, Radio Channels, Various Online Social Media, etc. Online Social Media, Online Entertainment Media have become huge sources of Mass Communication and Entertainment as compared to traditional Media in today’s world.

The reach of the Online Media is in multiples of the traditional Media because of the reach of the internet and also because every second person today has an online access device like a mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals

Newspapers or the other Print Media like Magazines, Periodicals, etc. were the first sources of mass communication. Their primary objective was the daily communication of the latest happenings and major events across the world, called as News. Slowly with the advent of Online Media, these are taking a backseat.


Television was invented as an audio-visual medium for the mass communication of News, Entertainment, Weather forecasts, etc. The traditional use of television was for this purpose. In today’s world, the television has also become a part of the Online Media as the Online Social and Entertainment Media can be connected and telecasted onto the television.


Radio is a purely audio transmission medium for mass communication of News and Entertainment. But in today’s world, the use of Radio is restricted mainly for listening to music from across the world. The commonest use of Radio today is listening to local music and news while driving in your car.

Online Social Media

Online Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. have transformed the way we stay in touch with our friends and family today. A decade ago, physical meetings, phone calls were the commonest way of social interactions. But today via the mobile phone, online devices and online social media we can connect with our family and friends across the globe, in a single instant.

The Media world has largely shifted to the Online Media in today’s world.

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