Independence Day: Essay on Independence Day for Students

Independence Day


Every country holds its Independence Day with high regard and this is also the case for India. In India, Independence Day comes on 15th August each year. As it is in every country, this day has been set to be a holiday in India and therefore every government office remains closed on this day. Independence Day is marked to commemorate the day when the country won its freedom from colonization. For India, the 15thof August is the day when she won her freedom from British rule.

What is Independence Day for?

Independence Day celebrations for India take place on the 15th of August every year. It is a day that is used to celebrate the independence that India as a country gained from her British colonizers. The British rulers had an oppressive system of ruling. Their kind of ruling was the kind where people were treated unfairly. It came a time, however, when some people rose up to challenge the British rule. These were the freedom fighters that helped to get rid of the unfair rule and helped form an independent India. The day is hence marked to celebrate these freedom fighters who in their bravery, helped in the shaping of the present day democratic India. By celebrating the bravery that these individuals demonstrated towards gaining a free country, the people are reminded to uphold democracy.

Why do we celebrate it?

Independence Day, as mentioned, is celebrated to appreciate and remember the day that the country gained independence from her British colonizers. It is a day that is celebrated to remind the people of the strides that the country has had to take to become a free and independent state. This day is also celebrated so as to remember and appreciate the courageous freedom fighters. It was through their efforts that the country was able to get rid of the oppressive rule and hence helped to mould the present day democratic and free nation of India.

How did India get Independence?

India had been under the oppressive British rule since the 18th century. This kind of rule full of oppression caused an increased desire for the Indians to struggle towards their freedom. There are various forces and series of events that explain how the country was able to attain independence. The first reason constitutes of the political movements that were formed to challenge the British rule, these movements include; the Quit India Movement and the Civil Disobedience Movement. The movements helped to form the right basis through which the people could air their voices and speak against the oppressive rule that they had been subjected to. These movements also helped to mould freedom fighters that fought for the rights of the people. India acquired independence by means of the sacrifices that people made and the bravery that was demonstrated by various personalities such as the now famous Mahatma Gandhi. These people helped to unite the country against a common enemy. The Second World War also served as a weakening factor against the British as they lacked the resources to oppose the resistance that was rising in the country and to enhance their sovereignty in the state. The British who could no longer maintain their rule over India voluntarily gave in and in this way India won her independence. After this, the Indian Independence Act of 1947 was established therefore declaring India as a free and independent country.

How many years of Independence have India?

The country attained her independence from British colonizers in 1947 after the Indian Independence Act was established and put forward. This therefore means that as a free state, India has been independent for 71 years now. These years have seen India advance in a political sense to become the world’s largest democracy.

How do Indians celebrate Independence Day?

  1. Attending national functions. People attend functions where there is the raising of the flag and singing of songs in praise of the heroes as well the national anthem. The venue is for the most important celebration is Red Fort in New Delhi, the capital city of India. At Red Fort, the Prime Minister raises the flag.
  2. Cultural functions: Different cultural functions are held on this day to mark the unity that the country has regardless of their differences.
  3. Cook For the Family. People stay at home and cook for their families good meals. Being a national holiday, people in the family get to spend their entire day at home thus a very good day for people to come together to prepare a meal at home and get to enjoy it at the company of their family members.
  4. Going out for meals. People also plan to go out for meals with friends whom they have been too busy to enjoy time with for long. Most food outlets in India use this day to give good discounts making it less expensive to enjoy with distant friends.
  5. Going on a trip. This is also a good day to travel. People take trips to nearby places. It is however ideal to avoid places that are very popular as they tend to be packed up with people.

Our Responsibilities

These ensure the ability to maintain a peaceful coexistence with each other. They also serve as a guide for people towards realizing a developed India.

  1. To adhere to the Constitution and esteem the National Anthem and Flag.
  2. To cherish and follow the esteemed ideas that were instrumental in the country’s independence.
  3. To preserve the integrity, sovereignty, and unity of India.
  4. To protect the country and take part in national services when called upon.
  5. To uphold peaceful coexistence– a spirit of oneness among all people despite their differences.
  6. To appreciate and protect the rich national heritage. This will ensure that the country is able to maintain its heritage.
  7. To preserve the natural environment. This can be achieved by avoiding all activities that may damage the environment.
  8. To strive towards delivering excellence both personally and by extension, national excellence as well.
  9. To provide education opportunities to all the children who are aged between 6-14 years.


Independence Day is a day that is very important to the people of India. It is on this day that the country celebrates the day that it gained its independence. It is also a day that is used to honor and celebrate the freedom fighters whose efforts led the country towards independence. The day is marked by various celebrations around the country. The major celebrations however take place in New Delhi where the president presides over the event. Every citizen of the country is expected to ensure that they do not take the Independence they gained for granted. This is through upholding peace and harmony respecting the sacrifice that was made.

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