Importance of Electricity – Essay

Electricity has become an important part of our daily life since its invention. Electricity is one of the greatest inventions by man. Electricity can be defined as a form of energy various ways in which electricity is important to mankind.


Many of the modern home appliances depend on electricity for them to function. These include cookers, iron boxes, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, dish washers etc.

The use of these electric home appliances has made house chores become easier to handle and the work can also be done at a speedy rate.


Most of the modern homes depend on electricity as a source of light. It is not only a more efficient source of light but in many countries, it is also a cheaper source of light as compared to other sources.


The invention of electricity has also brought new forms of entertainment. Some of the entertainment platforms that are widely known include Televisions, Computers and Robots. These devices depend on electricity for them to function well.


Since the invention of electricity, there have been advancements in various forms of transportation. This includes the invention of electric trains. These forms of transport are faster and more efficient than previous forms of transport.


Electricity has greatly contributed in the field of medicine. This is through the invention of several medical machines that are powered by electricity. These machines include X-ray machines, MRI machines among others.


Electricity is used in various manufacturing industries to manufacture various products. These industries have machines that depend on electricity for them to function. This further demonstrates how electricity is important to our daily lives.


There are a huge number of people that are employed in electricity generating firms as engineers and basic workers. This is proof of how electricity has directly contributed to the growth of many economies.


Various economies have made significant strides as a result of electricity. This is due to the growth of industries as well as raised living standards of individuals in the world. With electricity, a country is able to achieve much more.


Electricity has also led to new technological advancements. Every technological development being made these days is dependent on electricity. This ranges from mobile phones, rockets or even robots. If there was no electricity, there would be less or no technological advancement.


The information technology sector has been the greatest beneficiary of electricity. This is the sector that deals in data processing and analysis. Without electricity, there would be no computers that would empower this industry.


The education sector has benefited through the invention of electricity and this is due to the availability of reading materials over computers and also people are able to access online classes through computers that are powered by electricity.


There have been advancements when it comes to the communication sector since the invention of electricity. By charging phones, tablets and computers, one is able to communicate with their loved ones from every part of the world.


Electricity also serves a security purpose. The installation of electric fences has made homes more secure. The street lights on our roads and streets have also made our neighborhoods safe and secure.


Through the creation of jobs and the way that electricity has improved our daily lives, electricity has improved the living standards of very many people.


Several biological inventions and advancements have been made possible by electricity. Some of these advancements include cloning, plant and tissue culture and a lot more.


Electricity has become so important to us that living without it has become very impossible. It is hence advisable to conserve energy and preserve this important resource.

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