Importance of English Communication – Essay

English is one of the languages widely used. It has been incorporated in the education system of many countries all over the world because of the influence, which the English have had in the respective countries all over the years. Thus English language has grown to be one of the most common means of communication worldwide.

Common communication.

English language being the most used means of communication ensures that people are able to understand each other.

The fact that there are sometimes foreign visitors to and from respective countries means that there should be some form of communication that works for both parties

Business language

English language is now the language of choice in matters to do with business. It forms an official means through which transactional associations are established and nurtured. It goes beyond every limit and brings all the stakeholders in business together.

International language

English communication is engaged in most countries and that is why almost every country, fully or in part, has incorporated English language into their curriculum. This has been instrumental in making English an international language.

Internet access

The internet connects the whole world. Information and innovations and every form of news from every corner of the globe can be accessed via the internet. This same internet uses English language as a means to pass across whatever is intended. English communication therefore gives internet users more access.

World of entertainment

This is mainly the music and movie industry which uses English majorly in their diverse shoots and whenever the characters use their ethnic languages like Hindu or French; there is usually the subtitle file that translates what is spoken, to understandable written English.

Easy to learn

English is a language that is easy to learn because the alphabetical characters are constant and universal. Learning the alphabet is a route to mastering English as a language.

Helps learn other languages

It is easy to learn other languages when you have a point of reference between the instructor and the learner. English is used by instructors to deliver instructions for learning other languages.

International relations

The fact that people from different countries speaking diverse languages can communicate using English promotes international relations. Whenever there’s effective communication, relationships are built but the absence of communication alienates people.

Career opportunities

Being able to bridge language barrier opens up career opportunities for qualifiers and goes beyond the confines of nationality. This means that anyone can now legally work wherever they want provided communication can be achieved.

Growth and development

Communication brings people together meaning that ideas and skills can be combined towards transformation of companies, projects and the world at large.

Service delivery

Service delivery can sometimes bring different nationalities together. This means there has to be a communicated problem if there is to be a relevant solution. Customer support teams often use English to effectively get through to clients speaking foreign languages.


Common communication ensures that in diverse capacities, everyone is brought to a common level as everyone has equal opportunity to represent themselves and be heard.

Multination Trade

Nationalities from different parts of the world are able to conduct trade amongst each other with the help of English communication which makes it possible to understand each other.

World law and order

Institutions for law and order have been set up in certain countries to prosecute criminals all over the world. These institutions like The Hague use English interpreters or just English to deliver the communications to everyone involved.


Books written in English can serve anyone who understands the language which is the most common as opposed to books written in languages like Swahili or French which limit usability.

Having a common means of communication is therefore fruitful for personal, national as well as international language and should be promoted by incorporating English language into the learning curriculum of every educational system to nurture a generation where the world can come together in mutual understanding.

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