Essay on “Prevention is better than cure”

Prevention is better than cure’ is a common phrase used in health, hygiene and various other areas of daily life. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ means that it is important to predict important, critical situations and prepare for them in advance. This strategy helps in avoiding some dangerous consequences when those situations actually happen.

The words prevention and cure are usually used together however they have varied meaningPrevention is better than cure since it helps one to address a problem at its initial stage rather than wait until the problem gets worse whereby one can apply the cure. In other terms, prevention is way much cheaper than cure. T

here are many ways of preventing ourselves from problems as well as diseases. For example, people can prevent themselves from diseases by living in a disciplined way as well as maintaining proper lifestyles.

A few examples of the circumstances related to ‘Prevention is better than cure’ are as follows:

Prevention via Vaccination

Vaccination for various diseases like Tuberculosis, Measles, Mumps, Tetanus, Polio, etc. helps in the prevention of these diseases. Immunization for these diseases is generally done in childhood and can protect the individual from these diseases throughout the rest of the adult lifetime.

Prevention via Cleanliness

Cleanliness and hygiene in daily life help maintain a healthy lifestyle for the individual, family, and society. It prevents the occurrence and spread of various microorganisms in our homes and our neighborhood. Many outbreaks of epidemics, etc. can easily be prevented via basic Cleanliness and Hygiene Practices.

Why prevent?

Preventing problems at an early stage saves people the expenses they would have incurred if the problem deteriorated. For example, people who detect terminal diseases such as cancer at an early stage can start treatment early. People who are professionals in areas such as medicine should come up with preventive measures and create awareness for others so that, bad things can be avoided earlier. Students can also learn from this proverb. This is because they can prepare well in advance for their exams rather than waiting until the last minute.


‘Prevention is the better part of cure’ is a vital principle to follow to lead a happy, safe and healthy life at home and in our society at large. If people could learn the importance of preventing problems at an early stage, then very few problems could be witnessed in the long run as it would have been dealt with earlier before growing out of proportion.

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