Essay on Mother and Her Importance

Mother is a woman who gives birth to a new life. She is symbolized as God in many religions and cultures. Mother is a person in whose womb we remain for first nine months and grow from a fetus to a human being. She bears a lot of pain in the labor room before giving life to a newborn.

Qualities of a mother, an important role of a woman

If we try to list out the qualities and virtues of a mother, then the list would be exhaustive and never-ending. It is a pivotal role of a woman which is assigned to her by the divine powers.

A mother’s love is unconditional and pure. She is the female parent and a child’s window to the world. In some cases, she might not be the real mother but still shows love and affection to the kid. Mother is also the first teacher of a child, from whom they learn a lot of habits and manners.

She nurtures the child and influences him/her to become a good human being. If a mother is educated, then she can give a bright future to her child. Women have the virtue of being a partner to God in giving life to a new human and taking care of them.

According to a Jewish proverb, “A mother understands what her child does not say.” Just like Mother Nature that bestows several gifts and benefits upon us, the gifts of a mother are endless. She understands the body language and feelings of her child and does not need words to communicate with him/her. She has a strong power of intuition to decide what is best for her child and helps them in every walk of life.

A mother is a timeless teacher for her child. She bestows wisdom and virtues in her child that is priceless. She understands her child’s needs and helps them to gain self-confidence and choose the right path. Behind every successful person, there is a mother who has nurtured him from cradle to school and further in his life.

Out of all the attributes that a mother has, her heart is the most special one. It is a special combination of toughness along with tenderness, conscientiousness along with compassion. When a child is sad or in trouble, the best remedy he can get is getting wrapped around, by his or her mother’s arms. Mothers teach their children by their actions and qualities. They teach them to have faith in God and their hard work and to be good with others.

A mothers’ prayer is always for her child. She can remain hungry but feeds her child first. She cannot see a tear in the child’s eyes and can turn every stone to make her kid happy. Mother is like the first indication of God’s sovereignty in human lives.


In spite of being so much precious, the value of a mother is often overlooked by children after getting successful in life. Mothers are being sent to old age homes, and her basic needs are also not taken care of. It is time that we learn to respect and care for our mother, not only on Mother’s day but every day. We should try to return her, the care and love that she gave us all her life, in her old age.

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