Essay on Fast Food for Students

Fast Food: Short Essay on Fast Food for Students

Fast Food – Short Essay

These days all of us is getting a charge out of well the essence of fast food since it is tasty, moderate and promptly accessible.

Fast foods have no dietary benefit and fundamental fixings required for the well-being.

Fast food is equated not just with the speed of cooking but with the popular parlance of ‘junk food.’

Ideally, fast food is only the food that should take very little time to cook, assemble and serve on the table. Sandwiches, Salads, Fritters, the Indian ‘Pohe,’ are quick-to-make foods and not necessarily unhealthy.

Junk food, on the other hand, is food which has meager nutritional value but high on calories: e.g., potato chips, burgers, or other packaged

Since the fast food chains have come up, the so-called ‘fast foods’ because they can be assembled fast into a meal, have got a bad name. It isn’t the burger that is bad. In fact, made at home, it is quite a wholesome meal. It has carbohydrates (bun), dairy (cheese) and lots of vitamins (lettuce, tomatoes, etc.). So also with a pizza. And that logic applies to many favorite fast foods of today.

However, because the chains go through mass production of the patties, buns, cheese, and the overall fast food, the quality of ingredients is compromised. There are additives and preservatives to keep a good stock. This cuts down the nutritional value.

If cooked healthy, fast food is ideal for people to pick up on their way to work or even when guests turn up unannounced, at short notice.

Most fast foods are high in terrible cholesterol and cause heart and liver harm.

Fast foods are constantly unsafe to the heath and break down the well-being condition whenever gone up against customary premise without giving any medical advantages. We ought to abstain from eating fast foods to appreciate the great well-being and glad life all through life.

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