Essay on Children’s Day in India

Children’s day is dedicated to children. In our country, there are lots of special days where all the adult aged and old aged people get to celebrate a lot, but for children, there are a few days only where they can enjoy to the fullest. And that is where Children’s day act as the perfect gift for the children.

In India, Children’s day gets celebrated on the 14th of November every day, and it can be clearly seen among the faces of children that they love this special day very much. A lot of schools offer a holiday on this day, and certain other schools organize special kinds of activities for their students which they can enjoy.

Children’s day is a day which is specially dedicated to all the children in the country, and all the children get treated as special personalities on this special occasion.

Why Children’s Day gets celebrated on 14th November?

Children’s day gets celebrated on the 14th of November every year with great joy and happiness. The children’s day gets celebrated because it is the birthday of great former Prime minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru. Pandit Nehru recognised the importance of love and affection in children’s life and was a favourite of children. He believed in strengthening the infrastructure for children’s education since they are the future of a nation. He was also called Chacha Nehru, meaning Uncle Nehru. After his death in 1964, it was decided to celebrate his birthday as children’s day as a tribute his love for children. Before that India also celebrated children’s day on 20th November. Many children pay tribute to him on this special day by wearing clothes of his types and writing poetry about him etc.

Why do we need to celebrate Children’s Day?

A child needs affection, safe environment and encouragement to thrive. Children’s day is recognition of the needs of a child.

We need to celebrate children’s day because in a calendar year there isn’t a specific day which is meant to be celebrated by children other than children’s day. However, all the other festivals can be celebrated by adults and not children, festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, etc. are not meant to get celebrated by children because these festivals involve some dangerous tools in it which are not good for children. However, children’s day is a day where every child can enjoy to their fullest because on this special day they get treated like heroes; they are allowed to play games, sing songs, etc. And even in schools, teachers don’t let their students study as they want their students to enjoy the time by playing, singing or doing other kinds of stuff, etc. Children do need some kind of entertainment or stress reliever from the continuous study they do and children’s day act as the best stress reliever for them because they get to do their favorite things, and hence they forget all their sorrows during this special day.

How is Children’s Day Celebrated?

Here are some of the ways by which most commonly people celebrate children’s day:

  • Schools organize sports day or other children’s day activities by which students get to relieve their stress by playing their favorite games. These sports day activities work so good for children because they get to interact with their teachers in a friendly way which they never get to do anyway.
  • Children’s day is celebrated in schools by holding performances or magic shows. Sometimes children are taken to watch films by the schools.
  • Some organizations, schools or colleges organize various competitions and special events on this special day where students from different colleges or schools competitively participate in their respective genre and win certain awards and rewards for their performances.
  • Students are allowed to wear casual clothes on this special day, and that is why they love to go to school on this great occasion.
  • Some of the students pay tribute to the great Prime Minister of India Jawahar Lal Nehru by wearing clothes like him and enacting the way he talked and walked.
  • Students write special essays and notes about the personality of Jawahar Lal Nehru and in this way people celebrate 14th November, i.e., the children’s day.
  • There are various seminars or talks to promote children’s rights and to fight child labour and other child related crimes and how they can be tackled.
  • Many schools organize donations to orphans or less privileged schools and children. Books, clothes toys are commonly distributed on ‘Bal Divas’ or children’s day.


Children’s day is one of the best occasions that we have in a calendar year. Students have the best time on 14th November, and they don’t want to waste their day by staying at home. That is why various activities get arranged by schools and colleges. But the working people do not get any kind of enjoyment on this day as this special day was meant to get celebrated for and by children only. All in all, this day is very important for children and people not giving importance to this day should know about this day and tell about it to their children too.

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