Communication: Short Essay on Communication

Communication is the art of conveying thoughts and ideas to another. Communication is one of the most important factors of a social being. Animals, just as much as human beings feel the need for communication.

Language: Communication is as varied as there are species. Man commonly uses a language to communicate which is a set of complex rules and syntaxes to make sense of sounds and letters commonly recognized.

There are many languages around the world, specific to regions which people learn for verbal or written communication.

Nonverbal communication: Human beings also use hand gestures or body movements for communication. This is especially the case when there is common language for communication. Eyes or facial expressions are a good medium for communicating emotions. A baby coos, gurgles or cries to communicate happiness of discomfort.

Ancient cultures too had developed ways for communication. Smoke rings in different sizes conveyed messages to far off places, so did some specially developed calls. Some cultures still use these sounds, resembling bird sounds to communicate within the mountainous villages.

Animals: Animals have different ways of communication. Dogs sniff each other and humans and have a set of expressions and sound which communicate their emotions or needs to their masters and vice versa. Dolphins have a sound system for communicating as well as the whales which sing to each other. Birds call out to each other in beautiful sounds. Animals use howls, chatters and mews among other sounds.

Technology: Technology has changed the way we communicate. Telephones, telegraphs were astonishing for letting us speak to one another across the globe. Internet has now revolutionised that by making video call possible. Emails and social networking platforms have made the lives so enmeshed with each other’s, that we are instantly privy to the events of our friends’ lives.

Communication is a basic necessity of every creature which is why more and more innovation takes place to simplify it further.

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