Autobiography of a Broken Bicycle – Short Essay

I am a broken bicycle. My life is just like my condition, broken. I am writing my autobiography, to share my predicaments with others.

I was invented as a very useful tool for transportation. As the days passed by, more enhanced and upgraded modes of transport started coming. People lost my worth. A small kid had bought me from a bicycle store. I was the best bicycle present in the store, and the boy had to choose me. I was a bit expensive, so the boy’s father got stuck to the seller until he discounted some amount of money.

The boy took me with him. He didn’t know how to ride upon a bicycle. If only I could teach him, but, I was helpless. His father used to teach him. He was one plump kid and when he used to sit upon me, it would feel like somebody has put a huge chunk of the mountain upon me. The first challenge was to balance him upon me. It was like, I had to do all the hard work. He was just sitting and hoping that I would balance on my own. He was so harsh upon my pedals. He thought he would straight become the world champion cyclist! The way he used to pedal upon me was unbearable.

Finally, after days of hard work, he finally learned how to ride upon me. His used to take me all over his house lawn. I used to get so frightened whenever he used to ride me. He was such a rash driver. He never cared about anything coming in its way. Several times he had got plunged with me in the pool!

But, it was only tough on me and the fishes, for him, it was a matter of laughing.

Riding me on the lawn was still safe. At least I was safe from the traffic on the road. But, then the worst thing happened. He urged his father to give him permission to ride me to his school. His father gave him permission! I was so frightened that day! I knew my life is in trouble.

The first day he rode me in the traffic, he clashed with a car and I broke. Since that day, he has kept me inside the yard and I am nothing but a piece of junk.

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