Autobiography of a Book – Short Essay

I am a book. I am writing my autobiography to tell people about my presence and significance which is getting lost due to the latest technologies. I was a very useful invention. I wasn’t just a collection of random papers. I was a collection of papers that were similar in symmetry to me. The paper contained written words and illustrations which were used to portray thoughts and feelings. I was the only way through which people used to communicate with their relatives and friends living far away from them.

As a book, I was a very useful tool to store information. People used to stack me in large numbers in a place called the library. I used to educate people. I was the one who educated people about their history. What’s more is that people used to write on me, some important information which could be used for potential invention. My greatest friend was the quill. It used to spill the ink over me with such precision that, it felt like a lover, loving his love!

As time progressed, my paper quality started to enhance. People invented different kinds of paper which could be stored for a longer period of time. My friend, the quill, also changed with time. It became sharper and it was now called a pen. It somehow started boasting upon me, saying that it is the pen and, without it, I am nothing. I didn’t say anything at that moment. I knew that it has to stay with me, in order to survive. The real power of a pen can only be seen on the paper.

My greatest enemies are the bookworms. These creatures are the worst thing ever born. They stick to my pages and try to eat them! It is really disgusting. They don’t care that I contain oceans of knowledge in me. They just start destroying me bits by bits. What’s more is that, when these worms start troubling me, people lose my value and, they put me away somewhere to decay.

I am writing this autobiography, sitting in the library. I pray that I continue being with the pen and bookworms don’t come near books!

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