Autobiography of a Banyan Tree – Short Essay

I am a Banyan tree. My life is a God-given gift to me. I am writing my autobiography, just to tell others, how my life is such a blessing. I was the biggest and tallest tree in the whole of the village. I was anchored at the very center point of the village. I loved village life. People used to stay there with peace and prosperity. I stood just in front of their houses and enjoyed watching them. They were very loving and caring to each other. I used to engage with them in their happy and sad times.

They really cared for me. They had built a structure of bricks around me so that they could sit under my bowers and I would cover them from the heat. They used to sit underneath me and gossip for long hours. I, the banyan tree, remember kids playing around me and having a fun time. The ladies used to come and put the heavy water utensils beneath me, to take rest before moving forward. They used to talk to each other and laugh and gossip. I used to listen to everything. I knew the secrets they shared with each other. At the night time, all the old age people would come and sit underneath me, to discuss their day in the farm. They used to talk about serious things like love and responsibility.

The villagers used to involve me in their happiness. They used to light me up whenever they would celebrate any festival or function. At the sad times, they used to come and cry underneath me. I used to solace them from their sadness.

I had seen progenies after progenies of the villagers. They were all very protective towards me. One instance happened when some city people came to cut me down because the wanted to use my timber. The villagers protected me with all their might and shoed off the wood cutters.

I, the same banyan tree, have gotten very old now, I am writing this autobiography and still the kids are playing underneath me. I love my life and truly it’s a gift of god

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