Autobiography of a Bicycle – Short Essay

I am a bicycle. My life is really a bane. I was a successful invention at the start. I eased the problem of travelling from one place to another. When I was invented, people were awestruck and shocked. They were amazed to see my effectiveness. I really loved it that time.

People used to see me through the eyes of desire. People aspired to have me. Then as time progressed, more people started using me. I became a necessity for people. Everyone, from poor to rich, had me in their yards. Bicycles really enjoyed this monopoly.

As the time further progressed, some human invented an automotive, the locomotive machine which would ease the efforts of humans while using me. The invention soon came to light and people completely forgot about me. They got astonished to see a machine which would drive them to places without any effort of paddling! I hated that metallic chunk of the machine! It completely took the limelight away from me.

Still, the poorer ones use bicycles. Time progressed and people started inventing more and more. The machine with more advanced features was being invented. My usage started fading even more.

Times became so worse, that nobody would believe that I enjoyed a monopoly before! It was tough for bicycles to get over this defeat but, it was the reality and I had to face it. Now, I was found with only the very poor ones and small kids which didn’t have the locomotive machines.

And now, the time has become worse. I am sitting in a greasy yard and writing this biography. I am the property of a kid who takes me to his school every day. On the way, I get bashed up by several automotive machines. The small kid puts his heavy bag upon me while going to school. The roads make my life even tougher. I have to endure the speed breakers which makes me bounce here and there. And, such is life.

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