10 Lines on Save Earth

Please find below 10 lines on save earth.

1. We live on planet earth.

2. We get air, water, food, shelter, and everything from mother earth.

3. We should save our earth from environmental issues such as pollution and Global warming.

4. We should keep the earth green by planting trees, and save earth’s resources by reusing and recycling old items.

5. We should avoid misusing the natural resources such as water, air, coal, and minerals.

6. We should promote organic farming by buying and creating demand for chemical free food grains.

7. We can save fossil fuels by sharing our cars and cutting the usage of electricity.

8. We can form groups and participate in awareness campaigns.

9. Protecting and conserving the natural resource ensures the sustainability of the earth.

10. If we manage to save earth from pollution, our earth would be a healthier place for the future generations.

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