International Read An Ebook Day


Years ago there was a giant push to encourage reading among youth and adults alike, and that push has entered the modern age with International read an eBook day. No more are we tied to reading books in the old format with two covers and hundreds of pages, no more do hundreds of trees have to die each year to bring literature to people from every walk of life. With the invention of the eBook we have reached the point where the wonder of reading is available to anyone with a computer or portable electronic device. It’s become a huge industry, with devices like Kindle, Nooks, and apps available on many types of devices like cell phones and tablets.

International Read An Ebook Day

History of International Read an eBook day

The first major celebration of International read an eBook day was in 2014, and was put together by a major eBook distributor OverDrive. This company provides eBooks through many major locations, but is best known for being the biggest provider of eBooks to to libraries all over the country. It’s eBooks are supplied by thousands of publishers, including the best known of Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Harlequin, Persues, Wiley, and others. Chances are if you’ve read an eBook from a library, it was supplied by OverDrive.

Celebrating International Read an eBook day

The most obvious way to celebrate is by, you guessed it, reading an eBook. But you can go so much further than that, take a bike ride with your tablet out to your favorite place and sit in the park, on the docks, in the forest, or wherever your favorite reading hideaway is and enjoy the lightweight convenience of reading your book on an electronic device. That’s just one of the joys of an eBook, you can carry dozens or even hundreds of them around on a single compact electronic mobile device, which ways less than even the smallest of paperbacks.

Get together with your friends and talk about your favorite eBooks and where you discovered them, and even talk about what your first eBook was. In today’s modern world it’s even possible that your first book outside of school and the library was read in an electronic format. Reading an eBook allows you options totally unlike those of reading a normal book, where with a physical book you’d have to bring a light and a magnifying glass if the print was too small, with your mobile device you can just increase the font size and brighten the background.

You can even read an eBook in circumstances you couldn’t read a normal book, like tucked away under your blankets in the dark, no flashlight required. Internation read an eBook day is a tribute to the growing future of electroncis in our lives, and they’re now serving as the foundation of supplying educational, technical, and even entertainment oriented books in every day and every format. Even the instruction manuals that come with many of our new devices are PDF eBooks, and most video games no longer provide a physical book, it’s all online.

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