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A Zoo is an artificial home to various types of animals, birds, and reptiles. It is a big area safeguarded by wire, trenches and other hindrances so that animals cannot run away or causes any kind of harm to the visitors. There are usually different sections for different types of animals in the zoo. 


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First of all, let’s find the origin of the zoo. The word ‘zoo’ is actually a short form of ‘Zoological Park’. The first zoo was menageries, which is a private collection done by the wealthy to show their power. A zoo is a place where many different species of animals are kept so senders can enjoy them. Spreading knowledge about biological diversity in the world is the main motto of the creation of the zoo. Modern zoos are not only for the entertainment of people but also for the education, research and conservation of animals. ‘Arignar anna zoological park’ is the largest zoo in India located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This park is spread over 602 hectares which is almost 6 A large number of crocodile, Lions and especially endangered species of Bengal Tiger is preserved in this zoo.


Captive breeding makes the zoos a valuable place for animal survival. The re-introduction of the animal species in the jungle is the basic aim behind many captive breeding programs at zoos. Many zoos are the centres where the rare animals are rescued when they are in danger of dying. Moreover, Zoos are categorized into several categories depending on a variety of factors. In which Urban and Suburban zoos are the leading one. As the name itself suggests, urban zoos are those zoos which are located in large cities. Often, these are found in the centre of the city. The animals are kept in less enclosure in most of these zoos. Due to noise, pollution and cramped conditions keeping animals in urban settings is not advisable by the zoologist. On the second hand, Suburban zoos are located in suburban areas and give more territory to roam and provide more natural habitat. 


The next one is Safari zoos. They are larger than urban and suburban zoos. Safari zoos are more attractive as they allow the vehicle to drive in the zoo to see the wildlife in the enclosed areas. Some zoos which are dedicated to certain species of animals are special zoos. The aquarium is a good example of it. Aquariums are the exclusive house for the aquatic animals. The Association of Zoos stated,“ Zoos and Aquariums are the best place for your family to get connected with nature.”


Zoos have put more significance on conservation and sufficient animal treatment in recent decades. Zoos are always focused on the preservation of nature. The initial and maintenance cost for developing the zoos is a little bit high. So, they cost a little amount of money from the audience. A day spent in the zoos has uncountable benefits to one’s life. In young children, zoos create a love for animal parties. Research students focused very closely on each activity the particular animal is doing. Critics still have many points for arguments about zoos. Critics of the closed breeding programme said that ‘realizing some animal into the wild reduces the number of species. Wildlife is a natural resource. Due to a declining population, a large number of animals have become extinct in the wild.’  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are zoos?

A zoo is a place where many different species of animals are kept so spectators can watch them and entertain themselves. The word ‘zoo’ derives from ‘Zoological Park’.

2. Are zoos needed?

Yes, zoos are needed while there are a lot of controversies around it. The first reason is that the zoos protect endangered species by offering them much-needed shelter. Having lost their natural habitat, some animals rely on zoos for space, safety, and food. Zoos also give the opportunity to people to get close to wild or rare species animals so that they get to know about how they live or what they eat etc. In this way, zoo visitors especially the kids would develop an affection for these wild creatures and get to learn so much about them.

3. Give two disadvantages to zoos?

Yes, animals can be kept in a zoo because of several reasons. A good zoo will loof=k after an animal which will lead to prolonging the life of an animal. Meanwhile, these days zoos run various types of educational programs, which teach us everything we need to know about animals and educate us about the animals. These kinds of programmes also motivate us to protect animals as well. These all are possible as animals and their behaviours are closely observed in a zoo by the experts.

4. Where can I find an essay about the zoo?

We at IMP have provided a short essay on zoos. You can go through the essay and take reference from it to understand the pattern. You can get access to that essay directly from the website or you can download the app and take a look at it. These essays along with all the study materials are available on IMP site for free of cost.


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