World Health Day Essay


Aim of Celebrating

The World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day on 7 April every year to improve the level of health of people around the world. The idea is that every human being gets good health facilities at an affordable rate. Millions of people around the world are prey to many terrible diseases. Hence, discussions and awareness on the topics like prevention and proper arrangement of the diseases etc. are also included as the main objective of Health Day. According to the World Health Organization, being physically, mentally and socially healthy is the definition of human health. 

Anti-larvae and pesticides are sprayed in different areas to prevent outbreaks of mosquitoes. People are made aware of the prevention of infectious diseases. Awareness campaigns are organized at the district and block levels on this day to prevent vector-borne diseases. 


A theme is set each year for World Health Day. The subject includes a special health concern. World Health Day activities revolve around the chosen topic. In general, activities are organized to indicate the importance of health. People are encouraged to change their unhealthy lifestyles and choose a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. The World Health Assembly sets a specific theme for World Health Day each year. Various activities are organized on World Health Day to make people aware of the specific subject covered that year and the importance of health in general. As a part of the World Health Day celebrations, various events and activities are organized to help people understand how to avoid various health issues and live a healthy life. Demonstrations and speeches are given to honour those fighting against various diseases. The theme for World Health Day 2020 is to support nurses and midwives. T Speeches are given to motivate and encourage the patients and members of their families to know that they are not alone in their fight. Various skits are organized and games are played to make these points understandable to the people in an interesting way. Children are our future and they should be specially made aware to lead a healthy lifestyle.

School Celebrations:

Many schools and colleges around the world make it a point to celebrate World Health Day. Speech, sports, quiz competitions and other activities are organized in the school to help children learn about the importance of keeping them healthy in a simple and easy way. Essay writing and debate competitions are also held. Students actively participate in these events.


The history of World Day goes back to 1948. The World Health Organization felt the need to involve leading physicians from all over the world to make important decisions related to various health matters. It organized the World Health Assembly in 1948 for this purpose. It was the first World Health Assembly and had 194 member nations. The WHO is governed by its member states which have been elected to form the world’s highest health policy-setting body. 

The Health Minister of the member states is a part of this body. It was for the first time during the World Health Assembly that it was proposed to dedicate a special day for world health. All member states agreed that it was a good idea and April 7 was declared as World Health Day. The need for World Health Day was felt due to the increasing number of diseases worldwide. Many infectious diseases spread all the time in different parts of the world and lead to epidemics. This causes panic among people. Through the activities organized on World Health Day, people are made aware of various diseases and ways to avoid them.


In today’s time, the biggest reason for people not to be healthy is consuming junk food. Many people prefer readymade food and outdoor food because they are tasty and easily available. Junk food is made of many types of chemicals. This is the biggest reason that so many diseases are introduced. If we want to stay healthy, then we should always eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.

Today everyone’s jobs are such that they need to sit in front of the laptop for hours. Even after returning home, they are stuck to television screens or mobile phones. Children are seen watching TV or phones for a long time. This is the root cause of various diseases. Children should take part in outdoor sports like cricket, football and badminton instead of sitting at home. They should be involved in physical activities like walking, running, cycling etc. It is good for our physical and mental health. People these days are so engrossed in their work that they have taken their health as secondary. World Health Day is celebrated to highlight the importance of making our health a priority. We will be able to handle other aspects of our life efficiently only when we are healthy. It has been rightly said that a healthy brain resides in a healthy body.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  When and why is World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April on the day of the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO). World Health Day is a globally celebrated Health Awareness Day. It is said that health is life, but in today’s busy and stressed life, humans are not able to pay full attention to their health. Human health is being adversely affected due to hectic life and stress. World Health Day is celebrated every year for awareness about health. On this day, people are made aware of the importance of health. The government is motivated to formulate healthy policies and take the right actions.

2.  What was the Theme of World Health Day this year?

The theme for World Health Day 2020 is to support nurses and midwives.

3. Where can I find the World Health Day Essay for students in English?

The students can find the World health day essay at with no hassle at all. This essay is easy to read and written for students in English which is comprehensible and smart. The students who wish to download the various kinds of study material available at IMP just need to sign in using the IMP website or the IMP app. This essay is prepared for students for their convenience by our maestro teachers who make sure that nothing is left behind.

4.What is the importance of celebrating World Health Day?

World health day signifies the improvement of people’s health every year. It encourages the idea of affordable and convenient treatment for every being on earth. The people are educated about various health-related topics and how to keep themselves safe from various unwanted diseases, terrifying thousands or millions of lives by preventing them. World health day also supports the idea of every person being healthy and disease-free in the coming future. It is given a lot of importance in public places or centres such as schools, hospitals, etc.

5. How can I write a detailed essay on World Health Day?

The students can write a detailed essay on World Health day by first knowing and learning about the little details. These can be called keywords. On these Keywords, the students can form various sentences easily. To improve their essay writing practice, the students must practice every now and then for it. This is a simple method and if you are a beginner then start writing essays for easy topics or the topics you know more about. Then on moving further start studying complex topics to which you aren’t introduced.

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