Wonders of Science – Essay

Our life is filled with wonders of Science. Ever since human life evolved on this earth, several discoveries and inventions have been made which has contributed to the advancement and growth of humans. Now science and its inventions have become our way of life. If you want to define science, then it is an observation of our surroundings and environment and taking out conclusions from them.

It is important to have a scientific approach and outlook towards life if you want to move ahead in your life. Science has several streams and applications. It is a vast and never-ending ocean full of theories, facts, knowledge, and experiments. Human life owes a lot to science, and it has gifted humanity with several boons. From medical advancement to technology and appliances to arms and ammunition, nothing would have existed without science and scientific thinking of the scientists.

Wonders of science – Examples

Science is a vast ocean with lots of discoveries and inventions and it is difficult to choose the best amongst them. But here we bring you seven revolutionary inventions of science.

Wheel: This might seem to be unusual, but it is one of the most important discoveries done by mankind. Without the wheel, we would have no vehicles, not even a bullock cart for doing agriculture. Even traveling without the wheel would not be at all possible.

Internet: This is a revolutionary invention that has changed the entire world. It has become a necessity in today’s times without which people cannot imagine to live for a single day. This helps us to connect with the entire world. It also gives access to a huge database of books, shopping websites, applications and a lot more.

Genetically altered seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers: These things have played an important role in the agricultural revolution. It has helped the farmers and proved beneficial in growing output that can be exported too. Hence it has got economic benefits too.

Electricity: This breakthrough technology of science is crucial. Without electricity, most of our appliances will not work. It has made human life a lot simpler and convenient. It has made things possible that people could not even imagine earlier.

Ball-point pen: This is a simple, cheap, beautiful boon of science which has served as a breakthrough invention in the educational field. This has enabled and even inspired humans to write a better future and move ahead in their lives.

The light bulb: This is a wonder of science which was invented by Honorable Thomas Alva Edison. It has provided a brighter, better and wonderful life for many. Nowadays LED, CFL and many technologies of bulbs have been introduced, but the base remains the same.

Penicillin: This life-saving drug was introduced by Honorable Alexander Fleming during the world war. It has proven to be a breakthrough in medical sciences and is still used as a pain killer. It had saved and is still saving thousands of lives till date.


Science is considered to be a double-edged sword. It has several boons to the human society, but if misused and mishandled it can create disasters such as nuclear radiations, bombs, hacking on the internet, and other scams. It is important to use technology and science for the betterment of society and humanity at large.

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