Winter Vacation – Short Essay

Winter vacation, is always the best vacation. Unlike summers, the weather in winters is very cool and balmy. There are soft breezes blowing all around and it is real fun to caress these soft winds on the face. Wearing warm clothes in winter gives a very cozy feeling. The vacations are always a fun part of the winters. The season makes visiting places even more fun. I love to go to hill stations at the time of winter vacation. The mountains get covered with snow as if, they are chocolate ice cream, covered with creamy garnish! The aura gets really tranquil and scenic at the hill stations in winters.

As winter is the season of cricket, the vacation gets even more fun! Playing cricket early in the morning can become a really enjoyable and cherishable thing. Driving the way towards the ground in the bitterly cold winter can get really adventurous. The ball comes hard on the bat in the winters and playing crisp, classy shots can be really incredible. Fielding can also be real fun and taking high catches can become really challenging as the ball hits really hard on the hands in winters.

Apart from playing cricket, strolling out on the streets at the night time can also be really mesmerizing. The quiet streets can give a real soothing experience to the mind and body. Covered with shawl and sweater, I love to go out on the streets alone and think about my life and my future.

Staying stuffed in the house may seem boring but, in winters, it can get real fun. Covered inside warm blankets and sipping a cup of coffee is my dream thing to do. Lighting a fire in the yard can also be a highlight of the winters. Sitting with the family surrounding the fire, the talks can get really interesting.

Winter vacations is a period of recreation, which fills me up with energy, for the coming working days, and I feel a real thrust in my potential just after the end of the winter vacations. Winter vacations are surely the best vacations ever.

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