Winter Vacation Essay

Indians, unlike the people in the West, look forward to the winter season eagerly. For us, the famous poem becomes inverted – ‘If summer comes, can winter be far behind?’ We, as students too, wait for the winter vacation to commence in the month of December every year. What enhances the holiday mood of winter vacation during school days are Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

Why I Like Winter Vacation

Our teachers in our school make us work very hard all through the year. It is only when the exams are over, do we get some relief. This relief and the happiness of no exams to look forward to at least 3 months make the winter vacation special. We get to sleep cosily for more than the usual amount of time. It feels so good!

The best thing about the winter vacation is- I can play cricket, football and whatnot for as long as I want without getting much tired. The cruel sun cannot defeat me during those three months. Winter vacation is the ideal time for a short tour to any nearby picnic spot. It feels so good to sit in front of the river or to see the migratory birds in the zoo gracing our country.

During the winter vacation, I visit my friends’ houses. There are so many different foods to eat. At my Bengali friend’s house, I get to eat Nolen Gur’s Rasgulla. Last year, I ate delicious Gajar Ka Halwa at my other friend’s house. My mom, too, prepares many winter-special delicacies during my vacation, like – Methi Pakora, Gond Ka Laddoo and even Thukpa.

Then came the magical night of 24th December and the bright day of 25th December. Although I do not remain a good boy all through the year, Santa still never forgets to sneak to my room to fill my socks with gifts. The delicious Christmas cake that I get to eat the next morning makes me happy and content to the core. In the evening, with my parents and friends, I go to the fair that the local Church organizes.

After Christmas Day ends, I do not get sad because I know there is another big event coming after 6 days – The New Year. Every year, I have wanted to usher in the New Year by going to the most happening part of my city. But my mother says that I am too young! Still, I enjoy the 31st night with my friends and my parents. The spectacular fireworks at 12 am sharp fill my city, my heart with the light, with the fire to make the upcoming year the greatest year of my life.

After the New Year ends, in January, the mercury dips further. And I add one more layer of the blanket over my existing one. No matter how long I sleep, the sleep never feels enough. My mother forces me to wake up and I have to grudgingly take my books out to study a little. But my heart remains busy in finding out how to make the last few days of the winter vacation memorable.

The last few days of the winter vacation evoke mixed feelings in me. On one hand, I get sad thinking I won’t be able to remain so relaxed anymore and on the other, I feel happy to know that I will be meeting my classmates again. Surprisingly, I miss the school too; maybe because of my teachers who are smart and lovable. The winter vacation, although short, comes with so many happy experiences. As they say, good things come in small packages.

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