Who will Bell the Cat (Moral Story)

The moral of the famous Story, ‘Who will Bell the Cat’ is ‘Easier Said than done”.

There lived some mice in a certain house. There was no cat in the house. So the mice moved about quite freely and ate whatever they got in the kitchen. The master of the house felt very much disturbed. So one day he brought a cat to kill them.

The cat was a good hunter. So the mice were now in great fear. They could not come out of their holes.

At last they held a meeting to decide how they might get rid of the cat. But none could suggest a suitable plan. At last a young mouse said, “Friends, let us tie a bell to the neck of the cat. When the cat moves, the bell will ring. Then we shall run away.”

“It is really a very good plan,” said all the mice in great joy.

But there was an old mouse. He was all along silent. Now he said, “It is no doubt a good plan. But who will bell the cat?”

There was no reply. The joy of the mice disappeared in a moment. They left the place.

Moral: Easier said than done.

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