Who will be Ningthou – Summary

Summary of Who Will be Ningthou

This is a story from Manipur named “Who Will be Ningthou,” which tells us about the qualities that a good ruler must-have. The story briefs certain qualities that every ruler needs to have to make the kingdom happy. In this story, we can learn about the qualities of a good ruler.


Detailed Summary of Who Will be Ningthou

There was a King and Queen in Manipur whose names were Ningthou and Leima. They ruled the land of Kangleipak in Manipur. Both of them are nice and kind rulers. They both wish that the kingdom stays happy. Similarly, the people in the kingdom also adore their royalty and love them dearly.


The King and Queen have four children- three sons and one daughter named Sanatombi, who is a beautiful soul with a pure heart. Everyone in the kingdom loves the daughter of the King. The king wants to choose an heir for the kingdom, and everyone thinks it’ll be one of the sons. However, he chooses his daughter as an heir.


As he is growing old, he wants someone kind and empathetic to rule the kingdom. The King did not follow old customs. He wanted the future heir of the kingdom to be very honest and one who can solve the problems of the people in the kingdom. He was worried about his kingdom. That’s why the King chose his daughter as an heir to keep the kingdom happy after him.


He wanted to decide as to who will be the rightful heir, so he proceeded to test all the three sons. He wished to see if any of his sons possessed the qualities required to be a good ruler. However, the King concluded that the three sons are worthless. The king didn’t want any of his three sons to be the heir.


He does not see any good qualities in his sons to keep the kingdom happy without problems and help it prosper under any of their leadership. Then he decides that his daughter Sanatombi will be the next heir of the kingdom. The daughter Sanatombi is twelve years old. Although she was just twelve years old, the king still decided to make her the queen of the kingdom.


He does so because she is a kind-hearted person and has good leadership qualities. She is empathetic, one who can feel the pain of the people of the kingdom. She treats everyone equally and cares about animals, birds, and even the trees. Everyone in the kingdom loves and adores her. So the people in the kingdom also agreed with the King’s decision and were quite content with their future queen.


Conclusion of Who Will be Ningthou

This story tells us about what qualities make a good ruler. The story briefs that to be a great ruler, one must be kind towards anyone be it animals, nature or people. We all must be empathetic to everyone to make our world a better place to live in.

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