Where There is a Will There is a Way Essay

Essay on Where There is a Will There is a Way

‘Where there is a will there’s a way – it is a very commonly used proverb across the world. It means if you have a strong desire and determination to do something, you can accomplish it irrespective of all the obstacles. There are solutions to every problem. Sometimes it takes a minute to find out the solution and sometimes it takes days to figure out the solutions. But you should never give up. 


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If someone has the desire and determination to do something, he can. This phrase has been used by the motivators to develop a ‘never give up attitude in person. Every problem took birth with several solutions. But, one escape route is enough to the road of rescue, finding the perfect route is the only thing success desires. Sometimes this took a second to find it, while sometimes hours are not enough.  

To understand this proverb better, let’s take the example of Mahatma Gandhi. This legend fits correctly with this saying. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to get freedom from Britishers and establish Swaraj (self-rule). If he wasn’t determined, he won’t be able to do that. Though he had a lean appearance physically, he was mentally strong and completely determined that he had to make his country “Britishers Free ”. His willpower and constant efforts played a major role during British rule. He chose the path of non-violence under which he led several movements against Britishers like the cooperation movement, Satyagraha, the Dandi March, etc. Non-violence tests the patience, willpower and determination of an individual. If Gandhi wasn’t determined enough, we wouldn’t have seen Independent India. Therefore, if an individual wants to achieve something, he has to be determined as life is full of ups and downs and certain phases will come to life that will challenge his willpower. 

As far as motivational movies are concerned, Who doesn’t know the great motivational movie ‘Life of Pi’? It is a fictional story of Pi who decided not to give up even in the harshest conditions. Pi never gave up on survival, though he suffered from the black sea, dark clouds, and hungry predators in the form of a Lion. Pi suffered through lots of adventures but his willpower kept him alive. The lessons can be learned from the story of Pi but the quality of never quit attitude is must learn for entrepreneurs. The life of an entrepreneur is also full of ups and downs. If things are not going with them, their way of life becomes full of thrones. In such worst conditions, their willpower decides their future.

In the age of irony, human beings become physically strong but emotionally broken. As urbanization grows, the stress and pressure on the mind are growing. There are countless sources to develop the brain but very few are available to develop the mind. They all become very busy walking their way and have no time for social life. This leads to rising in depressions cases around the globe and ultimately an increase in suicide cases. In such cases, only souls with great willpower sustain their life spans.

The great entrepreneur, Mr Dhirubhai Amabani, is another great example of how to describe ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Dhirubhai Ambani is a well-settled entrepreneur with Reliance Industry. Reliance is one of the leading industries in mobile service providers. But looking at the growing race, it seems difficult for Reliance to stay in the race. So, Mr Ambani decided to launch another sub-branch of Reliance named ‘Reliance-Jio’. Ambani’s vision behind Jio is to launch the first 4G network in India. He strongly believes in his vision about Jio and his plans for it. If the plans for Jio fail, Reliance will be under huge economic crises. Still, Ambani launched the Jio and then today Jio became the oxygen of all networks and Smartphones. Reliance Jio is the leading example, if our willpower wants to do it and work hard in planning and execution provides a final touch, the success will silently start working with us.

Every achiever has a mutual quality in their biographies. Strong plans and adequate teammates are the keys to success. Students making day and night counts are the ones who achieved their desires. ‘Nothing is Impossible’ they said and it proved every time hard work plays its role well. If we simply break the word ‘impossible’ it becomes ‘I am possible’. Everything matters if we will do it or not.

What Factors Affect the Willpower of an Individual?

Willpower is a positive attitude that deals with how a person handles challenges in life. It outcasts the confidence of a person whether he can perform any task or not. The willpower of an individual helps him to achieve his desired goals. Willpower is like any muscle in the human body that can be affected by external and internal factors.

These factors can be:

  • Lack of self-control: This is one of the major and common factors that highly affects the willpower of an individual. Studies have shown that self-control is directly linked with success. An individual needs to have strong self-control. He should always focus on his goal and should get off track.

  • Stay away from an overestimation of abilities: An individual must always look into his flaws. He must know the things that might pull him down from the success ladder. When he is overconfident, he will never know his weak points and can’t work on them. Moreover, he must welcome critics and accept his negative points pointed out by them so he can improve and take one step forward towards his success.

  • Stres: Stress is the main cause of energy drain. When the blood sugar level decreases, willpower also reduces. Stress consumes the blood sugar at a fast rate that makes an individual feel lethargic. Due to this, he is unable to put his best effort to perform the tasks. When this happens, his morale and willpower decrease and he loses his focus. To prevent this, he must keep himself away from stress and anxiety and follow a good lifestyle.

  • Negative thinking: Negative thinking decreases willpower rapidly. This stops people from moving to their success path. People must distance themselves away from negative thoughts as much as possible. They should spare some time for their mental and emotional health to avoid these thoughts.

  • Lack of sleep: Having a good night sleep has shown positive effects on the willpower of an individual. Lack of sleep affects the functioning of the body tremendously. Moreover, it ruins the physical as well as mental peace that further leads to sleep disorders, confusion, memory loss, etc. Adequate sleep is essential to stay focused on targets.


To boost willpower and stay motivated, an individual must keep himself away from the above-discussed points.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.What is the Meaning of ‘Where there is a will there’s away?

The proverb ‘Where there is a will there’s a way’ is used to say that if someone has the strong desire and determination to do something, he/ she can certainly find a method to accomplish his/ her desire. If someone does not have a strong will then he/ she will not be able to get success in life.


For example, if someone has lost his/ her job, then they should not lose their confidence and try to find jobs at different places. If they will have strong determination then they will be able to find different ways to get success.

2.Who said ‘Where there is a will there’s a way?

This proverb was first published in 1640, in the book Jacula Prudentusm written by George Herbert. The proverb was written as “To him that will, ways are not wanting.” By the 1820s, it had been altered to where there’s a will there’s a way. Through this proverb, the writer conveys that if a person remains positive and has a strong will and determination then he will be able to find the solutions to all the problems no matter how big the problem is.

3.How can I write an essay on ‘where there is a will there’s away?

Various online portals are providing well-written essays on their platforms to help the students. You can take a look at those as the essays are written by experienced writers or subject matter experts. You can find the essay on ‘Where there is a will there’s a way’ on IMP. It is a leading e-learning portal in India. By reading the essays on different portals, you can get an idea of how to start your essay and which important key points you should mention in your article.

4.Is there an essay on ‘where there is a will there’s a way’ provided on IMP?

Yes, you can find the essay about ‘Where there is a will there’s a way’ on the IMP website and also the mobile app. In that case, you have to download the app from the Google play store. Then log in to IMP and you can easily avail yourself of the essay for further reference. Also, you can download the PDF file of this essay from the official webpage of IMP. The essay is written by experts after doing lots of research on this topic. The language used by them is very simple so that you can understand what ideas are discussed in the essay.

5.What is the use of the proverb “where there is a will there is a way”?

“Where there is a will there is a way” is the most commonly used proverb which means that if a person is determined regarding his/ her goals then he/ she may get success in their lives. This proverb is used to encourage people who are not confident and have lost their hopes. The proverb “Where there is a will there is a way” create a positive environment for those people who have given up and don’t want to try to complete or achieve their targets. Therefore, for encouraging people and making them believe that they can do anything and can find ways to solve difficult problems, this proverb is used.

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