What is a Student Life? – Its Meaning and Importance

Meaning of Student Life

Student life is portion of life that a student spends during his academic period, i.e., the time spent during the school, and college and university education.

Student life is the daily life of a student, typically involving social activities within the educational campus, or the time spent with school-mates and teachers.

During student life, a student prepares himself for life by:

  • studying,
  • building his health,
  • taking part in games and sports,
  • forming good habits,
  • laying the foundation of character.

Importance of Student Life

Student life is the best and happiest period of life. It is a life free from all cares and anxieties. It may be called ‘the seed time of life. If properly utilized, he can lay the foundation of future success; if misused, defeat is sure to come.

As a student has plenty of time to read books and acquire knowledge, he should make the best use of his time to equip himself properly and be an ideal citizen.

Students take part in games and sports and take regular physical exercise. During the student life, they acquire the virtues of honestly, loyalty, truthfulness and fellow-feeling.

A student, above all, cultivates the virtue of discipline. During this period, a student builds up his character which is ‘the crown and glory of life’.

A student is the future bread-earner of his family, and the back-bone of nations economy. He is the pride and glory of his country. He must, therefore, be dutiful to himself, to family and the country.

A student lives in society and he has his duties to serve it. He takes initiatives in solving the social issues such as illiteracy, poverty, etc. During long vacations students may go back to their villages and impart elementary education to uneducated boys and girls. It is in this way that they can know the country and feel for it.


Student life has, therefore, smiles and tears, joys and sorrows, privileges and duties. S,o a student should form good habits and give up bad ones. He should be guided by his guardian or teacher who is supposed to be his ‘friend, philosopher and guide

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