Welcome Speech for Juniors in College from Senior Students

Here’s a brief look at Sample Welcome Speech for Juniors in College from Senior Students. This sample welcome party speech for juniors in college, school or university can be followed. Seniors typically give a speech at the college’s welcome party to juniors or new students. You can modify these samples to suit your needs.

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Welcome Speech for Juniors –

Good evening, Vice-chancellor, Dean of the department, Chairmen, Teachers, and our juniors. This is (Your name as a senior student) from (Batch and Department name). I would like to welcome you all as we will celebrate a welcome party for freshmen. (Describe in your own words).

Tonight’s evening is filled with joy, laughter, and happiness. It is not the day when we wear casuals, sit quietly and listen to teachers. No!! Newcomers were waiting for this day, seniors were waiting to welcome their juniors. (Describe the environment and situation). Freshers create beautiful memories when they attend the first event of their institute. It is good to see that many of you are able to join us, and those who are not here will miss it. Let’s capture some magical moments, make happy memories, and surround ourselves with laughter and friendship. Don’t be a stranger anymore. (Describe with more warm words).

I often think about the time, the time that comes to us all. Yes! Where will I go after college? Many of us don’t know what to do after college. Which universities will we be able to attend after graduation? What kind of people will live there? What kind of faculty will be available? I always thought that if I talk about myself I may be able to make friends? (Describe educational duties and responsibilities). These are all questions that most students have. But what happens when we are here? From where you will graduate, from where you will receive your degree.

Juniors! You are here now as three years (More/less) back we were! You can get to know about all the skills required in reaching your goal takes commitment and determination and I would like to welcome you all to take up that challenge in the long journey of learning. (Explain your expectation regarding education and career). You will take esteemed lectures here about which you will be privy too. Here the journey begins of your career, your future, and your life.

I enjoyed being here and sharing my views. I consider you all to be part of our team now. I want to pay gratitude to our (All senior students), for providing all of us this exceptional platform. (Cordially describe your wish and greetings). Now, I want the function to be officially started.

Thank you so much!

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