Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife


Long and Short Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife


Long Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

This is very helpful as the 25th Wedding Anniversary Speech or even 10 years of the bond, when the couple is celebrating this milestone deserves a long speech for your spouse. 


Hello, my lovely friends, I am so happy you could all make it here today, I understand we are all busy, so thank you for being here for our special day, to celebrate this day. Today my wife and I completed 25 years of togetherness. This is a special speech for my wife, who is looking 25 years younger and very beautiful today. 


My wife, Nilofar (mention your wife’s name) and I have long ago decided to overdo or have any over the top celebration. Every year it was just you and me on an intimate dinner and lots of laughter looking back on the wonderful years. But today I had to break this rule that we laid to surprise you, darling can you believe it’s been 25 years? 


I know the wedding is not about the showing and glittery bits or a fancy theme, but you make it special year after year for me. So, this time I had to take it upon myself to show how much you mean to me. And instead of going the conventional way, I decided to work hard and be creative. And, the look on your face tells me you are happy so all this has been so worth the efforts.


Our union has been in the true union of two souls, you are my soulmate, my best friend and the love of my life. I am so lucky to have found my best friend in my wife and 25 years would not have been possible without this friendship. 


The sacred vows we took and the promises we made to be by each other no matter what has been kept very sincerely. I remember a few years ago when many things in my life were not going well, my father passed away, my mother was devastated and grieving and even I was hit with an illness. I can’t even think about it without feeling emotional. 


You were the one, who stood like a rock and refused to give up on this mountain of sorrows our family was going through. If it were not for you we would have been so lost and never found our way back. You took care of our children, my mother and everything like a warrior. My wife, your strength and outlook on life has made every one of us a better person and taught us how to face adversities in life. 


When we first started to get to know one another, I was nervous and anxious. I remember thinking, dear lord, what have I done, she is so different from me, how will we live together? And today I thank him for bringing you into my life, it is because of our differences I learn so much from you. Your optimistic nature and generous laughter are infectious. I was a nobody and your trust and faith in me have brought me anything good that I am today and have in my life.  My wife, Nilofar is the most beautiful and generous woman I have ever met, there is no one like you. I am so lucky we found each other in this journey of life. Well, I think we are just starting and the fun has just begun. I cannot wait to start the next 25 with you, I am certain it will be as wonderful as the years gone by have been. I love you Nilofar, happy anniversary to us.

Thank you!


Short Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

This is very helpful when you wish to keep it short and simple and still make your wife feel important, valued and special. 


Thank you to my lovely friends and family who are here to celebrate our special day with us. I am not an extravagant and expressive person. So, I thought of taking it to a different level and shock my gorgeous wife, Sheena (mention your wife) here, who is looking lovely in that dress/saree because it is definitely a huge milestone. 


I know I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have given me and our families all these years. When we met we didn’t even think we would like each other, and now we are married for 25 years. 25 years and 2 beautiful children later we are here. Of course, let us not forget our furry friend Nobita which by the way was a birthday gift from my wife. It’s a surprise for us and our friends who know us well too, nobody thought we could make it even a year. 


It was not a rosy or a flowery journey, we had our share of struggle and hardships but truly it is your belief and understanding of the situation that has helped us sail through such rough tides. My wife is my best friend and my guide. It is a marriage with lots of laughing at each other’s mistakes but also correcting when one needs to. This friendship and love are what I have always aspired in my partner and my marriage. And with Sheena, every day is equally beautiful just like her. She surprises me even after all these years. I am still learning about her and I think that’s what makes it special also. 


Sheena, my love you are the strongest and the kindest person and I could not have asked for a better partner for life. Thank you for choosing me every day and I can see Sheena is tearing up so I will stop now. Happy anniversary my gorgeous wife. Thank you!


10 Line Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife

  1. Wedding Anniversaries are beautiful reminders to reminisce about our journeys.

  2. This is more to show to my spouse the value she holds in my life rather than showing off to the world.

  3. The best part of our journey together is that we have always been a team.

  4. No one should try to up another especially in tough times like arguments or fights.

  5. It is an unsaid understanding that one should have that they are there for each other and not against.

  6. Anniversaries are also a beautiful reminder that relationships have stood the test of time and despite everything, the couple loves each other.

  7. Relationships are so fragile and delicate and the one of marriage is also sacred so it must be treated that way and tended to every day.

  8. There is a certain friendship that develops between spouses after a few years which can make the journey more fun.

  9. My wife and I too, are here celebrating this milestone after many stormy days but we held each other through it all.

  10. I would like to thank my wife for putting up through it all and being the most understanding person.  

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