Value Education: Short Essay on Value Education

Value Education is usually a part of the school curriculum whereby the students are educated about the use of values directly in their lives and indirectly towards building a more human society. Although this should be by no means be restricted to schools.

Since most of the education in school is academic and based on specific material objectives, it is a good balance that is given by the value education as a subject.

This helps develop the human aspects in the learners and develop them as responsible global citizens with good moral, emotional, ethical, civic and human fiber.

Which values are enhanced by value education?


The morals or ethics that go behind an all-round development of personality are given the right exposure through stories and real life examples of people who stand for these values. Being compassionate to the less advantaged people, kindness towards all creation and love towards humanity and all living beings is taught in this subject.


It is important to teach children the importance of emotions. In a civil society it is often recommended that the emotions be kept under control. However, the necessity of processing these emotions, whether they be anger, sadness, envy or happiness is of utmost importance for mental and emotional health. How the emotions can be processed and validated without compromising on the social image is taught in value education.

Civic values

Common sense civic values such as using public property with full responsibility, keeping your surroundings clean and keeping the public areas clean, etc. are covered in value education. Students are made aware of the importance of respecting others sentiments, including religious sentiments and also the right behaviour in public places like hospitals by not disturbing patients etc. are some important lessons that each one of us can learn.


Value education also teaches the students to look beyond the material world into the inner world. The importance and power of prayer and of recognizing a force higher than man often gives a big sense of relief to most people afflicted with some or the other life problems. This force is known to people in different forms. Some call it God, some call it The Light or The Truth or The Spirit. To look within oneself and disassociate oneself from the world of troubles and the material world even for a short time brings one to the right perspective of feeling gratitude for and enjoying what one has in life.


Value education brings forth the finer aspects of the personality in the student and in a way completes the process of education. It must be made an integral part of curriculum in all schools.

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