The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary

Summary of the Summer of the Beautiful White Horse a Quick Review

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Class 11, is a beautiful story depicted in simple and placid language. The summary of “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” describes the childhood incident of the author in a precise way. The following article presents the Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary, which the students of Class 11 are going to find very helpful. You are suggested to go through it thoroughly so that you can write the answers and make reference to the context on your own.


Summary of the Summer of The Beautiful White Horse the Theme

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary narrates an incident from the author’s childhood. The incident makes the author nostalgic. According to the summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, the story is about the cousin of the author, who is named Mourad, and a beautiful white horse. The beautiful white horse was brought by Mourad on a summer morning. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summarises the facts about Mourad: his unusual gesture, how he was loved by everyone in the village, the special characteristic of his being able to remain cool in worrying situations, and the special incident regarding the horse. In a nutshell, this is the summary of The Beautiful White Horse. In the following section, we present you with a broad summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse.


The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse a In-Depth Analysis

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary tells the story of two American boys who belong to the Garoghlanian tribe. The people of the tribe are sincere, and they stick to their honesty even in the worst of situations.


The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary also reveals that the boys of that particular tribe never steal or lie. As per the summary of The Beautiful White Horse, Aram, a 9-year-old boy, and Mourad, Aram’s 13-year-old cousin, got a white horse. Aram is very enthusiastic about the world, and Mourad is a passionate one. 


The Summer of Beautiful White Horse summary commences with the visit of Mourad at Aram’s house in the morning at 4. Aram was riding a beautiful white horse, which astonished Aram. Aram couldn’t believe his eyes.


The horse was kept by them for a few weeks. Both the boys used to ride horses. No one knew about the horse. The horse was kept in a shed at an abandoned vineyard. If you delve deeper into The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse summary Class 11, you will find it is a story of a lifetime. You will be able to learn something for a lifetime. A few weeks later, Aram came to know that the horse was stolen from John Byro. They decided not to return the horse. But their ethics hold them back.


Finally, the two boys with the horse were identified by John. But, John didn’t tell them anything as he knew the level of honesty of the family of the boys. He just told the boys that the beautiful white horse was similar to the horse he owned. His words affected the boys a lot. The words affected the ethics of the boys. They were saddened by the fact that they had disobeyed the things they were taught since childhood. They decided to give the horse back to its owner. The horse was found by John the next day. The incident made John very pleased. He found the horse healthier, well-maintained, and more polite than earlier.


From the above summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, we can identify the honesty of the two boys in an adverse situation. They could easily deny the fact and keep the horse for their use. But they didn’t do that. Their ethics stopped them. Summary: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse teaches us something special about honesty and integrity, which we can use in our daily life also. The boys were not very old. But they stood still in front of greed and desire.


About the Author

William Saroyan was born in Fresno in 1908 and is the author of The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse. William Saroyan was a novelist, playwright, and short-story writer of Armenian descent. In 1940, he earned the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and in 1943, with the film The Human Comes, he won the Academy Award for Best Story.


Uncle Khosrove and Aram Mourad’s Character Sketches

Aram and Mourad were two Armenian lads from the Garoghlanian tribe, known for their integrity. Mourad was 13 years old, and Aram was 12 years old, and they both wanted to ride a horse but couldn’t afford one owing to poverty.


So Mourad kidnapped a lovely white horse from John Byron’s stable. Mourad was a little eccentric and daring, whereas Aram was a fun-loving and kind-hearted person. Mourad quickly tamed the horse and requested assistance from Aram with a robin bird and a dog. Unlike Mourad, who was a little aggressive and could handle weird circumstances easily, Aram was honest and timid in temperament, which is why he could easily lie to John Byro.


Uncle Khosrove was known for being an extremely impatient man who constantly said the same thing everywhere: “Do not pay attention to these.” Mourad must have gotten this nonsense from Uncle Khosrove.


Some Important Questions


1. You will almost certainly agree that this novel lacks thrilling adventure and action. So, what do you think makes it fascinating, in your opinion?

Although the novel lacked spectacular action and frantic adventures, it did include suspense, which kept the readers engaged. It was a wonderful psychological story, and both boys were eager to try something new. They both longed to ride a horse because their family was poor. Mourad took it, and the two of them rode it for a long time. They returned it to its original location and owner once they completed their game.


2. Did the boys return the horse because they felt guilty or because they were scared? 

The boys returned the horse because of their conscience, not because they were terrified. Even though their family was known for its honesty, they had stolen the horse months before. The horse was with them when they encountered John Byro on his way to town. He studied it closely and stated that it seemed identical to the one he had as if it were a twin. It felt like his own horse was being carried, but he didn’t believe it was because he knew his parents. The boys felt bad for what they did and decided to return the horse to the farmer’s vineyard to be put in the barn.


3. “Back when I was nine years old, and the world was full of every imaginable kind of magnificence, and life was still a fascinating and enigmatic fantasy…” The story opens with a nostalgic tone. Describe an incident from your childhood that would make a good story? 

No one can stop themselves from going down memory lane after reading such lines. I recall being twelve years old at the time. I used to go to my grandmother’s house, which was in a hill station. I spent my entire summer vacation with them. We’d go to the market for delectable snacks, go shopping, and watch TV together.

I recall once spending a month at a summer camp. They would drop me off at the location and return to pick me up after my class. My grandmother would occasionally bring me a packed lunch. I’d eat it as quickly as possible so we could go shopping after that. When I had to return to my house to return to school, I was always upset.


4. The plot revolves around characters from an Armenian clan. The Garoghlanian family includes Mourad and Aram. Now, look up Armenia and Assyria in the atlas and write a report about the Garoghlanians. As mentioned in the story, you may write about people, their names, characteristics, and geographical and economic elements?

The Garoghlanian tribe is a fictional tribe created by novelist William Saroyan in his 1940 book, “My Name is Aram.” They have Armenian ancestors. They were impoverished people who struggled to find enough food to eat every day, but the Garoghlanian tribe was known for their honesty. One of the tribe’s most essential characteristics is hospitality. The majority of Armenians followed Christianity. On social occasions, they serve a wide variety of foods. They concentrated on sin forgiveness and the spirit of tolerance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Why did the boys keep the beautiful white horse on the first occasion? 

If you go through the summary of “Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” minutely, you can see that Aram was 9 years old and Mourad was 13 years old. They were too young. When they got the beautiful white horse, they didn’t know the owner of the horse. The summary of Beautiful White Horse indicates that when they came to know about the owner of the horse, a severe dilemma loomed large in their minds, probably because of the fear that they hadn’t let anyone know about the horse. The words from John ended the dilemma in their minds, and they returned the horse to its owner. They could have easily denied that. But, they didn’t do that. 

2) What lessons can we acquire from The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse?

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Class 11 teaches us the lessons of honesty, integrity, and ethics. The story is too appropriate for the Class 11 students. Most of the time in our lives, we cannot keep our minds strong in the face of greed and desire. We all make mistakes. But the boys in the story didn’t do that. They keep their heads calm and composed and win over greed and desire. The lesson can be applied in day-to-day life as these kinds of incidents happen in our lives too often.

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