The Midnight Visitor Summary

The Midnight Visitor: An Outline of the Detective Story

The Midnight Visitor, authored by Robert Arthur, is a detective story. The following article aims at providing a summary of The Midnight Visitor in a comprehensive manner. You will find the essence of mystery in The Midnight Visitor Class 10 summary intact. It is aptly written students as they are inclined towards detective stories at this age. The summary of Midnight Visitor covers the whole story in two parts – the first part gives a brief outline and the second part – a detailed overview.


Read The Midnight Visitor summary in English so that you can answer any question coming from it in the exam.


A Short Summary of The Midnight Visitor

The Midnight Visitor is a story about how a detective named Ausable got rid of his rival Max applying his brain in a grave situation. If you go through the detailed summary of The Midnight Visitor Class 10, you will find that Ausable was in search of some sensitive papers in the hotel room. Suddenly, he was attacked by his rival named Max. Max put him at the gunpoint and claimed the sensitive papers. However, Ausable got rid of the situation by applying extraordinary intelligence.


Ausable was too fat to be a secret agent. The fact surprised Fowler, a friend of Ausable. Fowler got scared at the situation. However, understanding the gravity of the situation, Ausable created a story about a fake balcony. Max believed the story of the non-existent balcony. Ausable again created a fake story involving police. Max believed that story too and instead of evading the police, he jumped into that nonexistent fake balcony.


The Midnight Visitor is a story of how anyone can get rid of a crunch situation with the help of common sense. We will find the details of the summary of The Midnight Visitor in the next section.


The Midnight Visitor Class 10 Summary: An In-Depth Explanation

The Midnight Visitor Class 10 is a story about the clever secret agent Ausable. He was accompanied by his friend Fowler who was a writer. They decided to spend the evening together. Ausable appeared to Fowler exactly the opposite he thought about him. However, Ausable assured him that his thoughts were about to change as he would get a very important report which would decide the future of the country.


Ausable and Fowler went to the hotel room booked in the name of Ausable. But, the situation was not as easy as they thought. A rival of Ausable named Max stood with a gun in the room and he immediately claimed the reports related to missiles arrived.


Summary of The Midnight Visitor rightly pointed out the fragrance of a detective story. Although that was a usual situation for a secret agent like Ausable, it was not so usual for Fowler. On the other hand, Ausable was very witty. He created a story about a fake balcony below the window of his room. At the time of this scenario, the door was knocked by someone continuously. Ausable told Max that it was the police who came for verification of the room. Max believed the story and threatened to shoot both of them if Ausable didn’t send the police back. Meanwhile, he would wait in the balcony as mentioned by Ausable.


The Midnight Visitor summary is a blend of intelligence, common sense and wit. After the turning of the doorknob, Max jumped out of the window.  A strident screaming was heard. At the same time, the waiter entered the room with wine that was ordered by Ausable. Fowler was astonished about the whole incident. He was very much curious about the police and Max. Ausable assured him that there was no police and there was no balcony outside the window.


Short summary of The Midnight Visitor shows the intelligence of Ausable as he took the benefit of the circumstances and successfully befooled Max. Max was completely deceived by Ausable and did what was planned by Ausable. Since he jumped from the top floor of the hotel, he expired. In this way, Ausable got rid of a crunched situation.


Summary of The Midnight Visitor Class 10 gives us a very significant message. Don’t lose your head in a tight situation. Be calm and apply your brain. You will be able to get out of the situation.


The Rules to Write a Summary of a Story

In order to write a proper summary, having the knowledge of the proper outline of the literary work is very important. A summary signifies a brief piece of writing that will include all the important factors and information constituting the plot of the story. In order to write a proper summary, you should find the answers to the objective questions that you can find while reading the entire literary work.


In the case of the Midnight Visitor, you should focus on the main characters of the story, the responsibilities carried out by them and their purpose in shaping the outline of the story. You should find answers to questions like who are Ausable and Max? What are the roles played by them that can advance the plot of the story? In the end, you must include the proper conclusion that will provide the audience with the necessary information that they need to know about the climax.

  • Identifying the theme underneath the storyline is also very important and must be included while writing the summary of the story. The theme is the most important component that can shape the summary in a proper way. 

  • In Midnight Visitor, the thing suggests the importance of wisdom over the strength of the weapons. Another important theme that is hidden underneath the storyline is that people should never judge a person or try to infer information about individuals judging by their appearance only. Mentioning the theme can help the readers to understand what the story primarily wants to convey.

  • If there are any supporting characters in the story, the writers should talk about them briefly and mention only the important parts played by the characters. Since the role of the supporting characters is to provide the readers with additional information that can help the plot to develop, there is no need to talk about them in detail while writing the summary of a story.

  • The summary should always be brief. A proper opening sentence is of prime significance as it can instantly capture the attention of the readers. In the opening sentence, the writers can include the purpose of the author in penning down the story. Also, they can include a short sentence discussing the characteristics of the protagonist of the story.

  • In the body part of the summary, the actions should be mentioned in brief sentences and in easy language. The purpose of reading the summary of a particular story is to have an idea about the storyline quickly. After mentioning all the important information, the writers should write an impressive concluding line. It can talk about the other possibilities in the case of an open ending story or can be a statement that can relate to the readers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What have you Learned From The Midnight Visitor?

The Midnight Visitor summary gives a very important message which should be applied in our daily life. Being calm and composed is one of the greatest natures of human beings. We will have to face lots of challenges in the journey of life. Life is indeed full of challenges. If we lose our mind we will not be able to get rid of the situation. We cannot always fight against the challenges. In The Midnight Visitor Class 10, we can see how the secret agent kept his mind cool and overcame the grave situation. We should follow this and apply in our own lives.

2. How Ausable Deceived Max in the Summary of Midnight Visitor?

If we go through the summary of The Midnight Visitor thoroughly, we will find that Ausable deceived Max on two occasions. Firstly, Ausable created a story of a fake balcony below the window of his room. There was not any balcony outside the window of his room. It was a great presence of mind of witty Ausable. Secondly, someone was knocking at the door of the room continuously. Ausable took advantage of the situation. He told me that it was the police who were knocking at the door. They came for routine verification. Actually, that was not the police. The waiter came with the wine that Ausable had ordered. But, Max again believed the same and, avoiding the police, he jumped to his death.

3. What are the important points that the writers must remember while writing a summary?

A summary should always be written in an easy-to-understand language so that the readers do not face any difficulty in understanding the concepts of the story. It will be better if the writers can write the summary in their own language and can include one or two sentences describing their own point of view about a particular situation. 


Another most important fact to remember while writing the summary is that it should not exceed the prescribed word count. The summary must be written following the proper format. It should have a proper introduction, body part and conclusion. If the summary ends abruptly it will not be preferred by the readers. Also, the summary should only include the most important points and the relevant topics that can provide the readers with information about future occurrences.

4. What should be the ideal length of a summary of a story?

Since summary is the shortened version of the entire story, it will only talk about the main ideas and information that the readers will need in order to understand the theme and get a detailed insight into the plot of the story. Students should write a summary that consists of approximately 250 words.


But the summary should not exceed the prescribed word count and should not include any irrelevant information. Counting the words while writing the summary can be challenging for the students. To solve this issue, they should prepare a rough manuscript of the summary and jot down the important points that they should include in it separately.

5. From where can I get the ideas of writing a proper summary?

You can take the help of the various articles published on the internet that talk about the rules and the important steps to writing a proper summary. You also refer to some other summaries published on the internet. On the website of IMP, you can find summaries of important stories that are included in your syllabus and you can download them for future reference.

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