Technology: Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology


A tool or kit with enhanced or developed features is called Technology. Technology has made human life simpler and convenient.

Technology is now playing an important part in our lives. Business field, an educational field even in the basic home, there is no place where technology is not available.

Nevertheless, in today’s modern world, technology largely means information technology and related fields. These are the domains of the internet, computers, telecommunications, etc. But the advantages and disadvantages of technology should be considered in mind.

Advantages of Technology

It has made human life completely easy in the following ways.

  • Tasks consume relaively little time.
  • It plays a vast role in working field along with that we less human error.
  • Technology is a great source of entertainment as well.
  • Along with that you can explore or check different things by just one click. You can also explore or check different things by just one click or sitting at a particular place.
  • Human’s burden has also got decreased.
  • Technology has always made work and life easy for human beings. In ancient times right from transport, travel, communication, writing, music, clothes, cooking, agriculture all fields of life have improved with technology.
  • In the past century, technology has been the basis of the industrial revolution. This led to a major change in human lives in with the introduction of cars, buses, trains, airplanes, modern clothing, modern architecture, modern engineering for building cities, hospitals, modern medical technology, and modern allopathic medicines, etc.
  • In the past few decades with the introduction of internet and information technology life has been transformed to a new level of comfort, ease, and globalization. All work has been computerized and digitalized. This has made all work paperless and also very user-friendly. Everything is accessible and available across the world via the internet. From simple shopping to major space projects everything is now via computers and internet technology. Telecommunications have been revolutionized with the introduction of mobile phone technology.

Disadvantages of Technology

  • Being so convenient in human’s life it has also introduced many diseases such as obesity and laziness.
  • Human life completely depends upon technology which is creating destruction in the environment — serious problems like global warming, extinction of animals and birds.
  • Complete dependence on technology also reduced human employment.
  • Overdependence on technology can at times be counter-productive.
  • Our lives can become less active and unhealthy.
  • Technological applications can sometimes interfere in daily human interactions. Basic human and family values of intimacy and bonding are being replaced by technology. This can be dangerous in the long-term.


It has made human life simpler but also has affected. Many facilities are available, but people have stopped living there general life. Least physical activities are performed by the human which is affecting the development of human physically or mentally.

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