Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud (Nasir-ud-din Firuz Shah) – Slave Dynasty

Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud (also Nasir-ud-din Firuz Shah) reigned from 1246 to 1266. He was the eighth ruler of Slave Dynasty. In 1246, Nasiruddin Mahmud, the grandson of Iltutmish, was proclaimed as the ruler and Sultan of Delhi.

Character and Personality: Nasiruddin Mahmud was a pious, kind hearted and God-fearing ruler. He practiced monogamy and led a pious life and did not give himself to pleasures. It is said that he did not take a single penny from the state treasury and earned his living by writing verses of Quran and selling them to the people. He patronized the learned and extended a helping hand to the poor and the distressed.

Political condition: But the political condition of India at that time needed a strong ruler who could crush the power of the enemies and maintain peace and order within the country and save the country from the attacks of the Mongols.

But fortunately for India, Nasiruddin Mahmud had an able minister in Balban, who was also his father-in law.

Nasiruddin Mahmud and Balban: Nasiruddin Mahmud was only the nominal king and the reins of power were in fact in the strong hands of Balban. For full twenty years from 1246 to 1266, Balban served his master very faithfully. It was he who guided the home and foreign policy of the state throughout his master’s reign. He was a very strong and capable man who successfully crushed the revolts, maintained peace and order in the country and checked the attacks of the Mongols.

Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud once tried to do away with Balban and appointed Rihan in his place. But the king utterly failed and the very next year Balban was reinstated to his exalted position. During Rihan’s ministership and Balban’s absence disorder once again reigned supreme and it became quite difficult for the common people to move about freely even in the streets of Delhi.

Death: Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud died in 1266 A.D. After his death, Balban ascended to the throne of Slave Dynasty.

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