Success: Short Essay on Success

Essay on Success

By popular definition, success in a game or competition means ‘Winning’, as against losing. Success can also have a more individual definition which means achievement of one’s life goals or ambitions.

Success also means leading a happy and satisfied life, which includes good health, good family life, education, work satisfaction, friends, and a combination of these and many other complex elements that cannot be measured or evaluated.

Importance of success in life
Importance of success in life

True meaning of Success: The true meaning of success is the amount of genuine emotional satisfaction and happiness that it contributes in your daily life and in your family life. For example, if a person has earned a lot of money and wealth, but is unhappy in his daily personal life, then the success is of no real value. It is rendered meaningless in its true worth. Whereas, if a person has relatively less material possessions, but contributes to his and others happiness everywhere around him, then his life can be considered to be immensely successful too.

Importance of success in life: Success is a vital component of your emotional, psychological and social health. If you feel successful in your life, then you feel confident and happy about yourself. You are able to contribute towards the happiness of your family and the society around you. Success in various areas of life, opens doors to opportunities that would be otherwise inaccessible to you in life. Success also leads to the definition of your Social Role, because the society around you looks upon you as a source of Inspiration and Motivation for others.

Importance of success
Importance of success

How to live a happy and successful life? Satisfaction is the key to leading a happy and successful life. Satisfaction is a deep rooted psycho-social and emotional concept, that needs to be understood and implemented in our daily life. Pursing your dreams, life goals, achievements and ambitions can be a life-long process. Sometimes due to challenges in life, some life goals seem like a never-ending journey. And yet, the key to happiness and success always lies in your hands. The key is satisfaction.

Conclusion: So to conclude, follow your life goals to achieve success, but also remember the value of satisfaction in feeling successful.

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