Sports: Short Essay on Sports for Students

Essay On Sports

Sports are a form of physical or mental activity, generally competitive, that one engages in for various purposes like: fun, entertainment, physical fitness, mental fitness, social pleasure, professional reasons, etc.

The main objective of all Sports should be participation and team work. Though competitive Sports encourage the spirit of winning, it should be balanced by the higher values of sportsmanship and fitness.

What are the different types of sports?

Individual vs. Team: In individual sports like shooting, gymnastics, jumping, etc. one individual player performs at a time. In some other sports like racing, running, swimming, etc. multiple individual players perform and compete with each other at the same time. In team sports like football, cricket, hockey, basketball, etc. two teams play and compete with each other at the same time.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Indoor sports like Table Tennis, Snooker, etc. are played on indoor courts or areas, covered by a roof and walls. Outdoor sports like football, lawn tennis, basketball, etc. are played on outdoor courts.

Mind vs. Physical: Sports like Chess, Bridge, etc. use the mental faculties and are classified as Mind Sports, as against the commonly popular Physical sports.

Summer vs. winter: Sports like Ice hockey, skiing, figure skating, ski jumping, etc. require winter conditions and are called Winter Sports, as against the other more common Summer Sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, etc.

Hobby vs. Professional: Some people play sports purely for entertainment, physical fitness and pleasure. Whereas Professional Sports are played as a Career or Source of Income by the players.

Why sports are good for your health?

Sports allow you an opportunity to engage in activities that have a positive impact on various levels of your health. The Physical Sports build your physical fitness due to regular exercise. Sports also help you at an emotional and psychological level, by building motivation and psychological stamina.

How to be good at sports?

Each sport requires investing time and energy to learn the skill required for the Sport. You also need some original talent and need to develop it with regular practice to be good at that Sport.


Cultivate a habit of playing one or two regular sports, and it will enrich your life on multiple levels.

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