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Long and Short Speech on Life in a Big City in English in simple and easy words

Have you become tired of living in small towns and dream of a life in a big city? Well, life in a big city attracts everyone because of the fast paced competitive life and highly modernized lifestyle. Given the ever increasing number of people migrating from small towns to big cities, it has become extremely critical to address the topic with a view to make people realize that even small towns have their share of benefits which the fast paced big city life cannot offer.

It is vain to run after things which may appear flimsy after getting close so much so that you lose out on everything in the end. Be realistic in your approach and should know exactly what life in a big city entails.

Long and Short Speech on Life in a Big City in English

Here, the speeches on life in big city have been given due importance. You’d find both short speech on life in a big city as well as long speech on life in a big city, which are written wisely to be able to make the readers understand the veracity of the subject.

Life in a Big City Speech 1

Respected Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends – A Very Warm Welcome to all of you!

On the occasion of speech giving ceremony in our school, I would like to thank my teachers for choosing me to speak on the topic life in a big city. I believe they chose me from class 12th batch as I was the only person who shifted to this school in 12th standard. The reason being that my mother was transferred to Delhi from a small little town named Cochin in Kerala where I spent my entire childhood.

The experience and the initial stages of a big city like Delhi were dreadful especially being a South Indian and belonging to a conservative family. Let me share my experiences with you all, so that you can get an insight on how people moving from small places to big cities feel when they initially come here.  Before shifting to Delhi I always had the fear which was about living in India’s capital and fashion hub and not being able to “blend-in”. As you all know Delhi and Mumbai are considered to be important centres of fashion designing and manufacturing in India, followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad and other large cities but not Cochin.

Cochin, where I lived, is a city and port in the State of Kerala. The culture of the city can be termed as predominantly Indian. While it had played host to number of high profile fashion shows and the people now are increasingly fashion-conscious, moving away from the traditional Kerala wear to western casual clothing, yet, the town has not yet reached the total transformational level as compared to the Northern India due to various traditional beliefs and values still held by most Keralites.

The dresses of the people of Cochin are evidence of simple lifestyle of the Malayali people-the people from ‘God’s own country’. Therefore, in general, and what I believed that South-Indian City girls are not as funky/stylish as their North Indian counterparts. I therefore had to plan something to avoid being called book smart, nerdy and badly dressed.

In spite of my preparedness, the first day when I entered this school for my admission I felt quite inadequate. I was desperate to get out of my small town plainness. The first thing I decided was to cut my long hair – my crowning glory as it was called in Cochin as I felt it gave me a typical South Indian look! While living in Kochi I would never have even dared to think about foregoing it. For carving a niche for myself and trying to fit in with friends I too equipped myself with a more fashionable wardrobe which has set of branded clothes and yes, a smart phone!

My own experience has been a clear example of how people coming from small towns and the States get influenced by the fashion savvy Delhi culture and forget their traditional culture to try and fit in the mainstream society. This is what big cities do to individuals like me. I have changed but to become a better personality and a positive person.

Thank you Delhi for making me a changed person!

Life in a Big City Speech 2

Good Morning Everyone! Thank You for being present here!

Being born and brought up in a beautiful city of Dehradun, comfortable life and pleasant weather, I had to shift to Delhi to pursue my dreams of entering into teaching profession in this school. For me living in a place surrounded by nature and then shifting to a big city which is completely cut off from nature and has a busy life was utterly difficult. For a few days I couldn’t adjust to the climatic conditions but I could only sustain myself here due to my passion for teaching and my ultimate dream destination.

Students like you would understand my plight, as individuals in big cities are often in hurry for their work and that can be judged through the traffic jams in Delhi. You all notice your parents every day in the morning, which is considered as the rush hour in every Indian household, they don’t even have time to complete their breakfast with patience and calmness. This is the main reason why people during holidays visit hilly areas to enjoy so that they can take a break from their busy schedules.

We all work like slaves with a monotonous lifestyle which ultimately makes us machines. People from small towns shift to big cities for luxuries which are equally present in all metropolitan cities. They are well developed and have recreational facilities and this is what attracts people from small cities. This may not be the only reason as there are individuals like me who want to follow their dreams and come here for better employment opportunities which are not found in small cities. The education system both at primary and higher level provides you with ample opportunities.

Despite disadvantages there are merits too of city life as there are people from every corner of the country with whom one can connect and get mixed with their culture. You learn something new every day from your next door neighbor who are the only help when you are in need. But in small cities you have nature all around you which you can take in with freshness in air quality and no pollution.

Aspect of competition in big cities is a major issue as everybody is in a race to make their child as brilliant as possible, but, you will quite agree with me that in this rat race they forget about their child’s dreams. Thus, city life has its own disadvantages and advantages. It sustains many individual lives and provides a source of livelihood to many strugglers coming to big cities to make it big in life. They offer something to every person despite belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. For these many reasons those who even dislike big cities are drawn close to it.

At the end, you need to make a choice what is right and what is wrong for your life. If you need to follow your dreams, you need to come to big cities and at least it has offered me a lot many opportunities in life but I still cannot forget my childhood days. But one day or the other one needs to grow up and give direction to one’s life!

Thank You!

Life in a Big City Speech 3

Good Morning Teachers and Dear Students – Welcome to the 25thanniversary of our school, it’s an honor to address you all for the 25thyear in a row!

While I am excited to deliver speech today, I am equally nervous and anxious. I have been in this school for nearly 22 years now; the time when the school was just three years old. Year after year, I have seen several students who have studied here, passed out from our school and leading a respectable life. In these 22 years, I have also seen this small town getting transformed in a big city and things have changed drastically. While the change has been a welcome move, most of the changes make me feel sad and miserable.

While things are conveniently available in big cities, people seldom value the things that are easily available. Also, I remember the kids of our school 22 years ago, they were disciplined and obedient, but now kids are ignorant and rude. They are growing up to be more knowledgeable though because of the access to various forms of knowledge such as television, mobile, laptops, etc. these gadgets are equally harmful for small kids. These sources of knowledge are doing less good to kids as they are getting away from books, magazines and newspapers.

Life in a big city is highly attractive though as you can spend your weekends in a mall, lavish theatres, Discs and Pubs but these infrastructures are also creating a huge gap amongst relations. People don’t spend time with each other; they would rather like status of strangers on social media, instead of liking their near and dear ones. Elderly parents sit alone at home and youngsters are more engrossed posting emotional and philosophical dialogues on social media.

I feel, life in a big city is fake than natural and I lament the situation today as we are not even realizing that we are living an artificial life. Almost everyone wants to own a luxurious life in big cities and in the quench of materialistic happiness, people overlook the real happiness that we come across almost every day in the form of rain, gentle breeze, sunshine, open skies, blooming flowers in the parks, and many more. I also see that many factories have opened in big cities; this may be advantageous as you can get things easily at cheaper prices; these factories are equally harmful to the eco system.

Friends, I am not against the city life, but I want to make you all aware, especially the young students to understand the pros and cons of city life. You must value your relations, your friends, teachers and elders. You must play a lot in the open ground, run and breathe fresh air. Use gadgets only when it is needed to gather important information. Talk politely with everyone; respect your elders and love your youngsters, only then the life in a big city would be worth living.

Thank You!

Life in a Big City Speech 4

Respected Principal Sir, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – First of all, welcome to the annual function of our school!

As most of you know, I have come from a small town and I am extremely proud of having been given an opportunity to deliver the speech today.

When my father got transferred to this city, I was very excited because I always dreamt to live a life in a big city. It’s been almost 6 months now and my thrill and excitement has cooled down completely.

Though life in a big city is more convenient, life here somewhat is artificial because people here are almost away from the nature. Due to the tall buildings, people can seldom see the rising and setting sun or an open sky full of stars in the night. However, I find many advantages too, like transportation is very easy here. Back in my village, there was only one bus that would run in between the village and the nearest town and the bus would run early in the morning at 6. If you miss that bus, you would either have to arrange for your own transport or you must wait for 1 whole day to catch that bus.

Things are easily available here, but people are always running here; very few people are seen happy as they are always chasing something or the other. People in big city rarely enjoy life; they don’t laugh out loud and have no time for each other. Despite waking up early in the morning, only few people go out on a walk as most of them are busy living mechanical life. Everybody wants to achieve success, but no one is enjoying small happiness in their lives. They work all day and night; come back tired; get engrossed with their respective mobiles or laptops, eat dinner and sleep down.

Also, pollution has submerged big cities and this is one of the biggest reasons people here are unfit and unwell. Due to lack of time, people are mostly on unhealthy diet and always in a hurry to swallow food. I feel sad to see that young boys and girls seldom play in the park; they don’t spend quality time with each other. I am staying in this city for almost 6 months now but I haven’t been able to make even a single friend. I always go in the park in the evening and morning but I don’t see many people coming to the park.

Though, I miss my village very much, life in a big city is also attractive. The government is trying its best to make the city green and beautiful. We must give rest to our gadgets and start enjoying the natural beauty for a healthy and meaningful life.

I love this school very much as I get support from the Principal and the teachers; I hope to make many friends soon so that I can play with them in the ground, fall and get up again and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Thank You!

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