Speech on Global Warming in English

I warmly welcome all Teachers and students. Today the topic of my speech is Global Warming. It is a very hot debate nowadays.

Let me first tell you all, what Global warming is. It’s basically the increase in temperature of Earth. It can be due to many reasons. Mainly greenhouses gases are its main reason. Names of these gases are carbon dioxide; Methane, Nitrous oxide and water vapours. They block the light and heat from the sun on Earth’s Surface. As a result, my fellows the Temperature of earth rises. The whole ecosystem is disturbed by it. Many life forms like plants and animals cannot survive it so they die and are hurt badly.

There is a huge list of reasons for Global Warming. The main reason is the greenhouse gases. It’s the basic and primary reason. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Nitrous oxide and other gases contribute to it. These gases are very dangerous.in this way, hot rays of the sun cannot enter the earth. A Blanket is formed by these gases on the surface of the earth. This heat is blocked in the outer sphere of the earth and thus earth gets warm. The scientists have warned that by 2050 earth’s Temperature will rise by 4 to 5 degrees.1 degree has raised alone in the past 5 centuries. So more than half of the global warming has happened in the 20th century.so the global warming is increasing at a very alarming rate.

Many parts of the world are being affected alone by the global warming. Ice melts and water levels rise in the lowland areas. These areas are flooded. So many plants and animals die in this process. People on the island are adversely affected by it. Global warming is causing harm to animals and plants also. On one hand, if it is killing algae, then plants are also erasing forests. Acid rain happens due to the pollution caused by Global warming. So acidic and salt water is very harmful to everyone. Crops and fruits are being dead by it. This disturbs the next generation. It may cause skin diseases. As ozone which protects skin is decreasing. Its layer is fading away due to global warming ghost.

Use of sunscreen is highly recommended by doctors. Nowadays it’s a necessary item in everyone’s Handbag. We all should participate to decrease global warming. Firstly public transport should be used. No one uses their own private transport. So less pollution is caused. In this way, greenhouse gases are less emitted and released in the atmosphere.

Moreover, industries wastes should be treated before releasing them in water bodies. In this way, dangerous gases are not emitted from them. Methane sources should be checked and monitored continuously. They are a very major source in greenhouse gases. Coastal areas inhabitants are at very great risk of sinking. Because glaciers are melting at a very fast pace. I will conclude my speech that earth is our home. We all should take every measure to save it. Don’t destroy it. Every small deed will be counted. It will save us and our future generations from destroying.

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