Speech on Global Warming for Students

I begin my speech by addressing all students and teachers present. Today I will speak about global warming and what can be done to reduce it.

Allow me first to explain what exactly is global warming and why it’s so dangerous for our planet earth. By it, we mean the rise in earth’s temperature in a level that is becoming dangerous for us and the natural environment. It is happening constantly and can result in extreme situations if we don’t address it soon enough.

Why is this rise in temperature happening? Factories pollute the natural environment every day and individuals discard garbage or cut plants-this way less oxygen is released in the atmosphere. Less oxygen means more carbon, and carbon dioxide gas is the chemical substance that creates what scientists call ‘’the greenhouse effect’’. Solar rays are being trapped in a carbon dioxide cage and thus the earthly average temperature is raised, day by day. It is predicted that this rise will have even greater consequences if not addressed early enough-starting from today.

Many will ask why global warming is that much of a social issue. I would answer by stating that the effect it has on the atmosphere and the planet, in general, is deadly. When the earthly temperature rises dangerously, it causes the waters to rise above their normal levels. This results in floods and storms that threaten the people who live in the coastline. Every one of us must have seen something similar being reported at the news as it is a serious phenomenon that requires action.

We must take radical measures to minimize global warming and one way is reducing the use of oil and electricity to the absolute minimum necessary. Countries and international organizations must strive to stop deforestation and ocean pollution by imposing regulations to factories and companies that do that. Must also promote all ethical alternatives, from agriculture to textile production, every change to a slower, less polluting industry is important. Another way to fight warming is switching our energy consumption from electricity to solar energy or geothermal. WorLd Days are also a great way for countries and organizations to remind citizens about the global warming threat and plan community actions such as marches and events dedicated to social awareness.

Let’s not forget though that there are several things we could do as individuals in our everyday life. We can start by recycling our unwanted electric devices, food and clothes and buy new when it is absolutely necessary. Some people live in countries where the sun is plenty and could seek to fuel at their homes with solar energy whenever possible. Education is also important in understanding which of our habits harm the planet and what we can to change this. Even young students just like us here can learn some basic habits such as recycling paper or buying vintage that contribute to this great effort.

I’m closing my speech dear students and teachers by reminding you what an emergency issue global warming is. Some countries find that the average temperature has risen and the micro climate has changed so radically it creates problems such as heats. That means we must all understand the problem and be part of the solution. By changing a few small things in our everyday life we can make a great difference to the environment we live in.

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