Short Speech on Water is Life

The human body cannot survive without water for even a few days. Good morning respected teachers and dear students. Today I am here to give a speech on water is life.

Water is a natural resource. We cannot survive without it. It is helpful to us in many ways. It is used in cooking, washing clothes, bathing, drinking and so on. Life impossible without water. And as the days are passing the quantity of fresh water is decreased.

Development has played a big role in diminishing the quantity of fresh water. The roads are done with better types of cement which don’t absorb the rainwater. It takes water into the drain and while entering into the drain, it gets wasted. Groundwater was the best source to get the fresh water. And as roads are changing the rainwater is converted into the drain.

The industrial wastes and the chemical are dumped into the water bodies. Due to low facilities, the sewage water and rest contaminated water also get mixed. This procedure is highly creating damage to aquatic life. The states with fewer facilities and development, who have rivers or lakes as their water source receive highly polluted and dirty water. Due to poverty they use that water and suffers from multiple diseases

At last, I want to say that what kind of development is this? Where people cannot meet with their basic needs. For small amount profits, people’s lives are kept on risk. We should control the misuse of water. Since it is a basic necessity and its availability is highly important for the survival of humans. We cannot perform big acts to stop water pollution but if we all will come together and attempt little steps then we can bring on big changes. At the last of my speech, I just want to say that water is very important for our life. We should not waste it. We should save it and utilise it. It will be helpful to us as well as for the future generation.

Thank you so much! Forgiving your crucial time and listening to me.

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