Short Speech on Tree Plantation

Good Afternoon, teachers and students today I would like to deliver my speech to discuss tree plantations. Plantations range from small or big pieces of land and farms planted with trees. Tree plantations are different from forests, as the trees are planted in clear rows and lines with standard distances between the trees. In forests, the trees are randomly placed and the distances between the trees are not uniform.

Tree plantations can be for fruit trees like mangos, apples, oranges and many other fruits. They can also be planted with trees for business value like timber, rubber, oil palm trees and gum trees among others. Dear teachers and student trees are a source of life they give food, oxygen and shelter. Trees give us fruits for food and oil. We also use tree leaves as food or elements for our beverages like tea. They are also used as spices for our food.   Trees like oil palm, coconut, olive trees give us edible oils that are nutritious for our food.

Tree plantations also give us trees that convert the bad carbon monoxide that we exhale into oxygen that we breathe. As the trees undertake the photosynthesis process they take in sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and food. Tree plantations provide us with timber for building houses and making furniture for our houses, schools, offices and many other places. Mature trees from plantations are cut and processed to give us timber to build and roof our dwelling.

Trees also give us furniture, tables, chairs, beds and many other household items.   Tree plantations also give us timber of sporting equipment like cricket bats, wickets and many other tools. Tree plantations offer us materials such as wood pulp that is critical in paper manufacturing. They also give us substances or chemicals like a raisin that is used in rubber manufacturing that is important in the transport industry and plastic manufacturing. Trees are also a source of fuel to cook food and to keep warm during cold weather. They provide us with shelter from the sun rain and other climatic conditions.

Tree plantations give us trees that are a source of our medicines for various ailments including a cough, headaches and many others. Trees help in conserving water and in dealing with the problems of climate change. They are very important in preserving soils, they hold the soils from being blown away and their leaves enrich the soils for a better harvest. Trees sustain wildlife, they give shelter to birds and animals. They also give them food and protect them from climate elements like rain wind and the sun. Without tree plantations, human life will not be possible. Trees are a great source of life for humans, animals and birds.

I thank you all for patiently listening to my speech.

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