Short Speech on Sharing

Good Afternoon, teachers and students today my speech is on sharing.   The human being is social animals that lived, work and support each other distributing amongst each other the resources and space around us.

Sharing forms the basis of human life. All human beings have common needs and we have to make sure that we give each other portions of what we need to survive. Air is well apportioned for human to live together breathing the same air and not finishing it for the others. People distribute the space where they live on earth. This allows us to get spaces to build homes, schools, hospitals, roads and many other structures. Human beings distribute land to each other to share the earth space for accommodation. Where people have failed to distribute their space they have ended up going to war to fight for space or the resources that they fail to distribute such as land, water and food.

Dear teachers and students as human beings are created to share; they earth space and its resources not only amongst themselves but also with plants, birds and animals. Division of spaces between plants, forests and mountains allows people to benefit from plants as they take in the carbon dioxide that people and animals exhale and through photosynthesis produce the oxygen and food that human beings need for survival. Living together with animals and birds human beings share the earth and these for beneficial reasons that include getting food and resources for some of the most important elements for well-being. Animals provide food for human beings and they also provide other important materials such as leather for clothing, shoes to keep human beings warm and safe. Animal bones are also used for many purposes including the development of tools and other important objects for well being.

Sharing is one of the most important aspects of human communal life. It allows people to relate and connect and take responsibilities to each other’s needs. It is the bases for families love for each other, bearing each other’s emotions, sensitivity and caring for one another. Sharing dear teachers and students helps to bring people to agree on common and acceptable behaviour to one another. It sets the accepted way to treat others and how to live in peace and be an accepted individual.

In conclusion to my speech teachers and students sharing is the thread that joints human being together and makes hem different from animals or any other creatures.

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