I feel honored to present my speech on Pollution.

Pollution is the unwanted process by which our environment becomes impure or dangerous. In our environment, there are many harmful substances or pollutants. The presence of pollutants in our natural environment such as air, water, soil, etc., makes it dangerous for living-beings.

Pollution is everywhere. There are dusts, and polluted gases in the air we breathe. The fresh water systems are mixed with impure chemicals. The soil has become contaminated and not fit for agriculture.

The causes of pollution are many. Most of them are very often related to human activities. Air is polluted when harmful gases are emitted from vehicles and factories. Loud noises of heavy machinery causes noise pollution. Contaminated groundwater, pesticides, and acid rain causes soil erosion. Untreated disposal of factory wastes has caused much harm to the fresh water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and underground water.

The effect of pollution is very bad. Breathing impure air is not safe for human health. Loud noises may damage the hearing capability of humans. The ecosystem and biodiversity of both the fresh water systems and oceans get damaged due to pollution. Water pollution may lead to scarcity of potable water. Contaminated soil is neither safe for cultivation, not it is fertile enough for crop growing in abundance. Further, massive release of greenhouse gases may give rise to environmental problems such global warming and climate change.

The solution to the gigantic problem called pollution lies somewhere the way we consume and use various things in our life. More reliance on renewable energy sources for energy generation will surely help in reducing pollution. Planting trees and supporting various afforestation projects can help in reducing pollution and soil erosion. Plants and trees also purifies the air. Organic farming is the answer to the problem of soil erosion due to the excessive use of pesticides. The fertility of the soil remains unaffected if natural manures are used.

Thus, we find that though the modern era is an era of urbanization and comforts, it has come at the cost of polluting the environment. Now, it is the time for making concrete steps towards removing or controlling the factors that cause pollution. The youth of today desires a pollution free world. And, I am sure that they are committed to make it a reality.

Thank You!

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