Short Speech on Mahatma Gandhi in English

It is such a pleasure to address you students and teachers present by way of speech. The subject of my speech shall be “Gandhiji”.

Mahatma Gandhi is well known for his non-violent resistant movement in India. Indian Independence has him to credit. He led the Indians to peacefully resist colonization and discrimination. According to him, justice was to be obtained not by engaging in violence but by operating on basis of truth and independence. He led Indians in disobeying European revolutionists and defying their policies.

Gandhi started his activism in South Africa where he was called to handle his first case after completing his legal studies. He observed the racism rates and discrimination against Indians in the country and opted to fight against it. He worked round the clock to ensure the liberation of Indians from oppression. When he went back to India, He organized and led the Indians in a series of economic boycotts with the most common one being the salt boycott in which he advocated for local ‘cooking’ of salts as to shun salts processed by the Europeans in violation to the rights of the Indians.

The activity of which was not received positively by the colonial administrators. It resulted in arresting of many Indians together with Gandhi. More and more Indians brought themselves to be arrested too resulting in the release of Gandhi and the arrested Indians, thereby attaining economic independence. Gandhi was later arrested severally and released while still in the battle to liberate Indians from colonial powers using peaceful means.   After independence, Gandhi still subjected the Indians to nonviolence way of settling disputes within themselves.

As to conclude, it is worth noting that the mode of the revolution that Gandhiji tried to bring into force was to a great extent a clear indication of civilization. It could, however, be viewed from a different standpoint as dictatorship since the decisions to follow the system were final and not subject to discussion by the Indian authorities.

Thank you all for being attentive and listening to my speech. I highly appreciate.

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