Short Speech on Good Habits

It has been always said that good habits lead to a good life. Good morning respected teachers and fellow students. Today I’m here to give you a speech on good habits. Since our birth, our parents start teaching us good habits because they want us to be a good human.

It’s always good to apply good habits in your life because they can make your life more hygienic, simple and enjoyable. You should always follow good habits like sleep early, wake up early, brush your teeth daily, have a bath daily, wash your hands after and before eating, avoiding junk food and so on.

Putting yourself into bad habits means inviting many germs and diseases in your life. You will be always troubled and could not manage to live a healthy and happy life. Habits always express your character. You show what type of human you are by your habits.

Shouting unnecessary, hitting while playing, not respecting elders, not obeying the rules are the characteristics of a person with bad habits. If you will follow them, then nobody will like to have a conversation with you or be your friend. Everyone will have you if you will not follow good habits.

In the last of my speech, I just want to say people come close to us by seeing our habits. If we will not follow good habits then no friends will be staying with us. We should always follow good habits to stay happy and healthy. Good habits always help us to be a good man and a good citizen. We should always neglect bad habit and if in case we attempt something wrong then we should know to accept our mistake and say sorry.

Thank you for hearing my speech and giving your crucial time.

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