Short Speech on Girl Child Education

Good morning all students and teachers present. I am delighted to have an opportunity to address you by way of speech. The topic for my speech today shall be girl child education. It is anticipated that education shall form part of basic needs in a few decades time. This calls for efforts to have it accessible to every person in the world irrespective of gender. Speaking of gender, it is a great concern in most jurisdictions of the world.

Girls and women have been discriminated in not only the education avenues but also in almost all aspects of life. With civilization, however, persons are becoming enlightened that equality and non-discrimination on a gender basis are called for, and both girls and boys and men and women ought to be given equal opportunities.

Customs of many communities have had girls and women denied opportunity to access education, owing to the belief that their roles in the society are just giving birth and carrying out house hold activities.

However, organizations such as UNESCO and groups of feminists have come to the rescue of the girl child. UNESCO has had education for all among its overriding objectives. It has taken notice of the gender disparities in the education avenue and has stood firm to ensure that gender is not used as a basis to deny others opportunity to access education. It has specifically focused on education for the girl child and insisted that they should be given equal opportunities as the boy child. To give effect to this, most jurisdictions have had education for all incorporated in their laws. What is now remaining is to fully give effect to such laws and have the education to a girl child as being the same level with education for a boy child.

The leaders of Feminist movements have insisted that men and women are equal and should be given equal opportunities including education. What now remains is to make these ambitions a reality.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

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