Short Speech on Discipline:

Good morning all. It is my greatest pleasure to deliver a speech on discipline to your students and to your teachers.

Discipline forms the basis of every success story. It is therefore not contentious that when coupled with hard work, discipline attributes to success. A critical analysis of this subject will go a long way in informing us all on the role we have to play in ensuring that we enhance discipline in every aspect of life.

The Oxford Learners’ dictionary defines discipline as a state of order based on submission to authority. It also defines it as a controlled behavior. Discipline is therefore basically doing the right thing, at the right place and at the right time. Discipline can be called for where there is a common activity between persons. It can also be called for in carrying out of once own activities. In the context of one’s own activities, it is implied when one can make decisions and gets guided by them. In other words, it is achieved when one becomes principled. Deviating from discipline leads to not only failure in operations but also attributes to waste of time as well as threatening peaceful co-existence of persons.

Failure to maintain self-disciple attributes to failure in one’s ventures which may sometimes result to stress and if it is so intense, it may result in depression. All these adverse effects may only be avoided by all persons being disciplined. To achieve a high level of discipline, each person needs to be guided by morals. Morals dictate what is wrong and what is right. Having knowledge of what to do and what not to do will shape each person’s way of thinking and determine how persons live. Having planned and organized firms would also greatly enhance discipline among persons as every individual will be sure of what is expected of them as all work as governed by the schedules set.

From my speech fellows, it is clear that all of us have a great role to play in enhancing discipline. By doing the right thing, at the right time and the right place, we achieve the disciplined environment we all wish to live in.

I highly appreciate your attentiveness and your being there to listen to my speech. Thank you.

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