Short Speech on Dance

We have different methods of expressing or explaining our feeling or our thinking. Dance is one of the ways to express ourselves. Good morning respected teachers and fellow students. Today I got a golden opportunity to stand in front of you and give a speech on Dance.

In our country, India, we find different tradition and culture. Dance is considered an important aspect of culture of any region. For example, bhangra is mostly performed in Punjab. Kathakali is mostly performed in Kerela and so on. Dance is a way to express any culture, any tradition and so on. Dance is not performed just to express happiness. It can be also performed for expressing aggression, pain, any story, and any situation.

In today’s life, dance is playing a major role. Many dance form and styles have introduced now. Various styles and technique attract people more for dancing. In today’s technical life people rarely move out so dance is an excellent source for the workout of your body without getting any stress.

It has been researched that while dancing human releases happy hormones. Exercises like zoomba and aerobics have been inspired by dance. It also decreases the stress from the mind and makes it more relaxed. Dance also enhances the way of expressing thing through the face. It helps to maintain the body posture. It helps to remain human healthy and active. Dancing at least for an hour can work equal to the 3 hours spent in the gym.

Now people can also opt dancing as there career since many platforms are available for the dancer to achieve success and fame. Dance is now considered as one of the great talents and now giving opportunities to showcase your dancing style in front of the world. Dance is not a particular movement to express yourself. It’s all about to groove your body and enjoy the music. Creating your own way, style makes happier. Dance is not about to copy others. Performing what makes you satisfied and stress-free is magic of dance.

At the last of my speech, I just want to say it’s fun and great activity. Every one of us should dance to make ourselves more happy and stress-free. Thank you for your crucial time and hearing my speech

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