Short Speech on Children day

A very warm welcome to dear teachers and students. Today my speech is on ‘Children Day’. I’m very happy and glad that we all are gathered here today to celebrate the children day which is celebrated on 14thNovember in India on the auspicious occasion of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. We all know that children contribute to a decent percentage of the world’s population. So they have a very great impact on society.

Children are a source of happiness for both society and your home. They have a lot of contribution in the lives of parents, teachers and other people. One cannot simply ignore that. They are loved and cuddled by everyone. Without children, your life is very boring and has no flavour. This day is celebrated every year around the country to pay tribute to the children and also to pay homage to the great leader and the first prime minister of our country “Chacha Nehru” as children used to call him with love and affection.

This day reminds us about the welfare movements which are being carried in every corner of our country for the betterment of the children. Education is the shelter of small kids. All the different qualities of children are appreciated on this day. Children are known as the building blocks of society and since they have no important role but spread positivity everywhere. Country’s development lies in their hands as they are our tomorrow and will look after our country. Respect, love and special care are basic rights of every child in the world. They are like small flowers.

These things should be always remembered as children:

  • Right for healthy food
  • Right for good education
  • Right to feel safe
  • Right to be looked after by your parents
  • Right for special care when you are not feeling well.

Children should remember that this day is celebrated to promote the values of positivity, beauty, cleanliness and let’s all join hands to make the future leaders of this generation more strong and powerful. We all should set an example in our society. I hope you all liked my speech.

Thanks for your time!

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