Short Paragraph on Small Family (Nuclear Family)

This short article attempts to explain the meaning, advantages and disadvantages (drawbacks) of a small family.

What is a Small Family? A small family (also nuclear family) is a family group made up only of close relatives. Usually, this family includes parents and their children, and no one else.

The small family is sometimes called the ‘nuclear family’ because it is concentrated around a small, central nucleus.

Advantages of the small family.

1. Real knowledge of each other. When there are only a few people in the family, you really get to know and trust each other.

2. Strong support network. A tight knit family group can be one of the smallest support networks out there.

3. Fewer costs. Smaller families mean fewer mouths to feed, and lower food, water and fuel bills.

4. Feeling unique. If you are a member of a small family, you may feel more of a unique individual.

5. Clear alliances. There are clear alliances in a small nuclear family.

Disadvantages of the small family.

1. Feeling isolated. If you are an only child, you may wish you had more siblings and cousins around to play with.

2. Need for other perspectives. Your nuclear family may have a certain view of life which would be made richer if other people were around to give a different point of view.

3. Pressure. When you are an only child, you may feel under pressure to do certain things they like joining a university or doing a certain job. When you have many siblings, there is less individual pressure on you.

4. Increased financial burden. The entire cost of the family rests upon one earning member. However, in case of an extended family, the expenses are met from the common pool.

Conclusion. Nuclear families can be very supportive, just make sure to manage your finances and sort out disagreements!

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