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What is Earth Day? Earth Day is a day for celebrating the natural world. Earth Day happens one day every year. However, the aim of this day is to encourage people to remember to care for the environment every single day.

When do we celebrate? Earth day falls on the same day every year: April 22nd. In 2017, this day will be a Saturday.

When did Earth Day begin? Earth Day begun nearly 50 years ago, in 1970. This data is associated with the beginning of what we now know as the environmental movement. The musician Jimi Hendrix was instrumental in starting this movement and his ideas remain central to Earth Day.

Why do we celebrate this day? Earth Day is celebrated in several ways: environmental campaigns both online and in the local community, fairs, educational events and much much more are all parts of Earth Day. Each year, the theme of Earth Day will vary depending on the most pressing environmental issues of the time.

Conclusion: Get ready to celebrate the next Earth Day – and make sure to celebrate and care for the earth every day.

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