Short Paragraph on ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’

The saying ‘fortune favors the brave’ encourages us to be courageous. This proverb indicates that brave people will be rewarded by fortune.

This could mean that brave and courageous people get:

  • Good fortune.
  • Good luck.
  • Material rewards.
  • Honor.
  • Success.

To favor here means to look favorably upon, or to reward. The brave, refers to anyone who is brave.

The personification of Fortune is very common in literature and this is reflected in this proverb. The relevance of the proverb in our day-to-day life is given below in points.

  • Motivation. This saying motivates us to be courageous.
  • Goals. This proverb suggests we will achieve our goals if we are brave.
  • Acknowledging the role of luck or chance. The figure of Fortune reminds us that our fate is not entirely in our own hands.
  • All kinds of courage. This proverb is versatile and can refer to the courage it takes to sit an exam as well as the courage involved in saying sorry to a loved one.
  • Praise. This proverb can be cited when someone has done well as a way of acknowledging their courage.

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