Short Paragraph on Advantages of Computer

Computers are vital tools in many aspects of everyday life. Their awesome technology bring us plenty of advantages, and here are some of the main ones.

The first advantages are educational. Via the internet, computers help us to access vast amounts of information – what is more, they enable learners to access this information remotely.

The second set of advantages is about saving time. Computers can perform calculations, process the spoken word into a written transcription, translate whole documents and do plenty of other tasks in a flash that would take humans a substantially longer period of time.

Thirdly and finally, computers bring benefits that have to do with entertainment and community. Via our computers, we can chat with friends over social media, watch films, surf the web and catch up on TV shows that we had missed.

All in all, computers can cater for almost all aspects of our life: from our desire to learn to our cravings for a good movie to watch afterwards.

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